Alpin Discovers Cloud Software – Especially Shadow IT

Together, CoreView and Alpin cut costs and manage renewals, increase security and compliance, improve governance, boost adoption, and automate workflows. With CoreView and Alpin, 1+1=3 – providing complete SaaS management.

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The Benefits of CoreView + Alpin

Alpin solves the problems of SaaS sprawl, waste and risk, while CoreView saves 30% on O365 licenses, and blocks O365 data leakage.

Uncover Shadow IT and Secure Your Data

Alpin tracks more than 40,000 SaaS apps, using 13 discovery methods, giving IT a full picture of their SaaS environment. This enables visibility to view all SaaS applications in one dashboard, along with all their users.

Boost Adoption of Enterprise Apps You Actually Need

After discovering SaaS, Alpin tracks workloads so you know what is used –and what is wasted. CoreView does the same, diving deep into O365 usage. Now IT can move users from Shadow IT and unapproved apps such as Slack and WebEx, to standard solutions like Microsoft Teams.

Reduce Total SaaS Spend By 30% or More

Alpin shows exact SaaS spend, and how to optimize licenses and cut costs. CoreView does the same for O365 shops, saving an average of 30% through license optimization. Together CoreView and Alpin save you a third on your overall SaaS budget!

Finally Achieve True IT Governance

CoreView brings true governance to O365 keeping it secure, cost effective, easy for IT to manage, and maximizing productivity. Alpin extends that governance to the rest of your SaaS environment, finding rogue Shadow IT apps, driving adoption of approved productivity apps, and securing core SaaS solutions.

Complete Compliance

CoreView sets and monitors company compliance policies that, among other things, greatly reduces perimeter breaches. Alpin applies its compliance solution to thousands of SaaS tools, insuring adherence to GDPR and other regulations.

Automate Workflows and Ease Onboarding and Offboarding

Alpin automation tools help onboard and offboard employees faster, receive provide notifications of important events, and generate reports based on virtually any criteria IT can think of. Alpin automation is a perfect companion for CoreView’s deep O365 workflow and IT automation capabilities.

CoreView & Alpin SaaS Management Features

License Optimization

License Optimization and Incredible Savings

Alpin addresses a broad spectrum of over 40,000 SaaS applications, by discovering both approved and stealth SaaS apps, and tracking usage, costs, and renewal schedules. Just like CoreView, Alpin drives deep license and subscription savings, with a typical reduction of 30%.

Alpin’s detailed and flexible reporting allows IT and Finance to apportion costs and set chargebacks, simplifying a difficult process and supporting the decisions with hard data.

SaaS, Managed

Complete SaaS Management, Administration and Reporting

CoreView takes care of all your Office 365 management needs with a single pane of glass — far easier and more powerful than the native Office 365 Admin Center.

Alpin produces reports based on category, geography, or other factors. IT can tag and report on virtually any criteria they create, and generate reports immediately based on application category from Alpin’s 40,000-plus application database.


Improves Security and Governance

For Office 365, CoreView’s CoreSecurity prevents security incidents with continuous security assessments to detect, alert and correct vulnerabilities. Alpin monitors other SaaS apps for risky data access permissions, blacklists undesirable and dangerous applications, identifies inappropriate file sharing across platforms (O365, Box, Drive, etc.), and reports on cloud application activity and usage.

Shadow IT

Deep Workload Usage Analysis and Adoption

With Alpin, Office 365 shops can also discover the use of alternatives to Microsoft workloads like Slack, Dropbox, Zoom, and WebEx, and use CoreView to move these workers over to approved O365 services such as Microsoft Teams.

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