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Artigiani of Trento chooses CoreView

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Artigiani of Trento chooses CoreView



Associazione Artigiani e Piccole Imprese delle Provincia di Trento (the Association of Artisans and Small Enterprises of the Province of Trento) is the leading association representing the craft sector in the province.

The Association pursues the following activities:

  • Assist and protect the member companies
  • Promote the world of craft from small companies, representing them against any government, authority and organization
  • Regulate labor relations with employees of member companies and the trade unions, through signing appropriate agreements and collective agreements
  • Promote the activation of services and advice for member companies
  • Promote training methods to increase entrepreneurship, professionalism, and culture of the members / customers.

To achieve the objectives defined above, the Association has an organization of more than 250 employees in the provincial office and a network of regional offices and services provided by the subsidiaries Trentino Caf Company Srl and SAPI Srl


Office 365 is a great product but it does not offer the reporting and easy management that we need to support our members without going too deep into the technical details. We were searching for a solution with the following goals in mind:

  • Single, complete solution with fast reporting and an easy-to-use management console
  • Efficient reporting tool with both a global vision and details at the user level
  • Management of advanced features without the knowledge of PowerShell

detail monitoring of:

  • Mobile devices
  • Licenses used
  • Overall services consumption


Introducing CoreView allowed us to have a clear view on real usage of Office 365 services in the blink of an eye.

It allows us to check real usage statistics of Office 365 in order to evaluate the activity trends of our users and understand if the licensing is adequate. Moreover, we have a better picture on the real consumption of the Office 365 services we are paying for, and this is really helpful because we can drive it user by user and help our members to achieve higher productivity, while optimizing costs.

CoreView lets you forget the management console of Office 365 and have a totally efficient reporting service. The product is continuously updated with new features, and we no longer need to become PowerShell experts. That’s one less problem to worry about.

“PowerShell is not needed anymore. One less problem to worry about.”

Lorenzo Rigolon – Head of IT Systems Operations

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CoreView provides enterprises and Microsoft partners the ability to manage, control and obtain valuable information on all aspects of their Microsoft Office 365 investment. 

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