With the move to remote work, businesses often find themselves having to adopt Office 365 and Microsoft Teams in a very short period of time, sometimes without considering governance and compliance.

How is your organization managing O365 licenses? Do you know how many are inactive, unassigned or underutilized?

CoreView did a deep analysis of over 3 million Office 365 seats to find how many licenses are underused, or even unneeded. With this information in hand, enterprises can save money by cancelling unneeded licenses, drive adoption of critical but underused services such as Microsoft Teams, and be fully prepared for an Enterprise Agreement (EA) renewal or annual O365 True-Up.

Key Topics of the Webinar:

  • Better manage the cloud environment for business productivity
  • Improve levels of corporate security and compliance
  • Promote user adoption and user experience by freeing up resources and time for the IT team
  • Usage scenarios