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Microsoft Office 365 Management Business Value

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CoreView Business Value

Assign specific license types to different departments or regions and control what can be assigned to end-users.

Delegate specific admin capabilities to regional support groups so they can ONLY manage their local users and perform assigned admin tasks.

Manage targeted adoption campaigns for specific users who need additional training and incentives to utilize available workloads in Office 365.

Segment all users by business unit or charge-code to create billing reports for monthly chargeback of licenses by type or usage.

Business Value Functions

Office 365 License Optimization

License Optimization

Customizable reporting for all available licenses, plus the ability to perform redistribution of licenses for advanced users that need additional capabilities.

Office 365 Delegation with RBA

Admin Delegation with RBAC

Easily assign specific admin capabilities to regional administrators, or help desk engineers, so they can assist with first-line support activities such as password changes.

Office 365 adoption

Adoption and Consumption

Perform activity monitoring to identify users who need additional training or assistance with different Office 365 workloads. Use that information to drive adoption campaigns with targeted e-mails and follow-up communications with specific users.

Office 365 chargeback accounting

Chargeback Accounting

Utilize monthly chargeback reporting to assign cost allocation by business unit, or geographic location, so that license costs can be distributed within the organization.

License Management

License Management

Empower business units to manage their own license allotments by assigning them specific license pools with hard limits.

Office 365 service monitoring

Service Availability Monitoring

Real-time monitoring for the uptime and availability on all Office 365 workloads to provide tracking and reporting for Service Level Agreements (SLA’s).


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