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Microsoft Office 365 End-User Adoption Software

Proactively Engage Users and Drive Office 365 Adoption

Driving Office 365 adoption

Improve Microsoft Office 365 End-User Adoption

Improve adoption and usage with targeted communications and campaigns

Office 365 adoption

Proactively Engage End Users and Drive Office 365 Adoption

  1. Track user activities on all workloads to monitor trends;
  2. Send targeted communications to specific users needing assistance;
  3. Perform follow-ups with specific users who remain inactive.

Office 365 track User Activities

Track Office 365 Usage

Perform usage monitoring and create inactivity reports to identify users who need additional training or assistance with utilizing different Office 365 workloads.


Send customized messages to those specific users with links to marketing content explaining the advantages of Office 365 applications based on their job role.

Manage targeted adoption campaigns for specific users who need additional training and incentives to utilize all available workloads in Office 365.


Monitor readership of those communications and continue to track activities for specific workloads by user to view adoption trends.

Office 365 targeted adoption campaigns

Create Office 365 Adoption Campaigns

Office 365 engaged follow up

Follow-up on Office 365 End-User Adoption

Perform personalized follow-ups with those users who remain inactive. Send additional targeted e-mails and follow-up communications to answer questions and provide incentives to drive adoption.


Finally, for those users who remain inactive, reassign licenses that match their capability needs and feature requirements.

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