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Microsoft Office 365 Chargeback

Enable Office 365 chargeback accounting for license distribution

Office 365 chargeback accounting

An accurate way to DISTRIBUTE COSTS for Office 365 licenses

Enable business unit chargeback accounting with detailed tracking and reporting

Office 365 chargeback

Enable chargeback accounting for license distribution

  1. Group users by billing attributes (business unit, location, charge code, etc.);
  2. Create billing reports for chargeback accounting;
  3. Allocate licenses by business unit to empower cost forecasting.

Office 365 segment user groups

Segment User Groups

All user accounts and their associated license types can be segmented by business unit, or location, or charge-code, to create billing groups for monthly chargeback reports.


When users transfer to a different department or business unit, their associated license costs are transferred as well so that the next billing cycle will include them under the new business unit.

Companies can utilize the monthly chargeback reporting to assign license allocation by business unit, or geographic location, so that associated costs can be distributed accurately within the organization.


The license costs can be tracked monthly with snapshots taken at the end of each billing cycle and data exports submitted to the company accounting system.

Office 365 billing report

Create Billing Reports

Office 365 cost forecasting

Empower Cost Forecasting

The allocation of available licenses can be expressly divided and assigned to specific business units so they can control the redistribution to their users. This enables each business unit to manage their costs by assigning each user the correct type of license that matches their job requirements.


When users leave their department the associated license can be reassigned or held in the pending queue for a new account request.

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