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Microsoft Office 365 Security & Compliance Auditing Management

Real-time monitoring for Office 365 security compliance issues

Microsoft Office 365 Security & Compliance Auditing

A better way to Manage Office 365 Security & Compliance Audits

Real-time monitoring for security compliance issues

Office 365 security auditing

Improve office 365 Security & Compliance Management

  1. Simplified searching and filtering for all Log File events;
  2. Real-time alert notifications for security compliance issues;
  3. Monitoring and reporting for Azure AD sign-in activity.

Log File Auditing

Office 365 Log File Auditing

Perform in-depth auditing and research on user activity and data access from Exchange, OneDrive and SharePoint.


This includes monitoring shared data access with external user accounts. CoreView stores the log file data for an extended period so that trend analysis can include months of comparison.

Administrators can configure automated alerts to send notifications immediately when log files report any known security issues.


These alerts are based on real-time activity information and can help speed the remediation of possible security concerns.

Office 365 Automated Alert Notifications

Automated Office 365 Security Alert

Azure AD Monitoring

Azure AD Security & Compliance Monitoring

CoreView also provides access to Azure AD log files for auditing and reporting. These capabilities can identify any anomalous sign-in activity or generate admin alerts for suspicious privileged actions such as password policy changes.


In total, CoreView now allows auditing and alert notifications based on over 500 actions in Office 365 and Azure AD.

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