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CoreView is the only SaaS Management Platform that takes the M365 universe (yes all of it) and simplifies it. TyGraph takes one aspect of Microsoft 365 – SharePoint – and ensures that you better understand that user data. 
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“CoreView is a great tool for O365 administration delegation. It has a user-friendly User Interface, and all the buttons are very straight forward to use.”

– G2 Review

“I love the way CoreView is structured. The portal is very well organized and user-friendly.”

– G2 Review

“Coreview can transform your IT
department in an instant.”

– G2 Review

Comparison Matrix

CoreView tyGraph
License Lifecycle Management
Delegated Admin
Usage Adoption
Teams Management
Auditing and Reporting
CoreView puts an end to SaaS Management hassles

Hours of administration
time saved per year


Hours saved by automated
alerts for security issues


Minutes to produce
a licensing report

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