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50% of Microsoft 365 Services Go Unused - Increase Microsoft 365 Adoption

Increase M365 application adoption 40% with CoreAdoption. Find unused apps, and launch killer campaigns to drive productive use! Make M365 productivity soar, ROI rise, and TCO drop like a stone!

The benefits
In the world of SaaS, M365 applications are constantly being added to and updated. CoreAdoption’s usage insights and adoption campaigns help to ensure that all your employees keep pace as things change.
Usage Data Is Consolidated

We scan all Microsoft 365 solutions at once, so you’re not jumping from dashboard to dashboard for usage reports.

Email Campaigns Quickly Built

Once you identify low adopters, you can send targeted adoption campaigns without leaving the platform.

Integrations Are Effortless

If you also use our CoreLearning video library, it’s easy to drop training videos right into your adoption emails.

“M365 is new, not only new from an administrative perspective but also how to introduce this new set of tools to our users. CoreAdoption will help us maximize our investment in M365. We are working through the learning tracks now, and looking forward to the time we are ready to put them to work.”

Tobin M. Cataldo, Executive Director
Jefferson County Library Cooperative


See Which Employees And Solutions Need Higher Adoption, All From One Dashboard

Before CoreAdoption, IT administrators jumped from product dashboard to product dashboard to report on adoption. Now, you get a single pane of glass and easier ways to segment your data.

Design Email Templates For Product Roll-Outs, Process Reminders And Tutorials

With our built-in email campaign solution, it’s easy to create templates for various change management initiatives. Then, with email open rate data, you can optimize your templates to use the email designs that work best.

Keep Adoption Campaigns Targeted To Avoid System-Wide Email Fatigue

With CoreAdoption, you can target an entire region or a tiny team with your adoption and training messaging. This prevents the rest of your staff from getting irrelevant emails that cause them to ignore future messaging.

Embed Training Videos In Your Campaigns When You Integrate CoreLearning

Explaining how a new product works and pointing out key features is even easier when you embed a CoreLearning video in your campaign. Select from over 2,000 tutorials across the full suite of Microsoft 365 services.