Office 365 and SaaS Management Consulting, Education and Support

CoreOptimize is a comprehensive customer success approach to optimize SaaS and O365 management. CoreOptimize provides a step-by-step plan using best practices to ensure a high adoption and effective use of SaaS solutions, maximize SaaS economics for deep savings, and increase the IT organization’s maturity level to optimize its management of cloud solutions.


The Benefits of CoreOptimize

Provides a clear roadmap to improving the maturity level of an IT organization’s effectiveness in managing cloud solutions.
Makes license management easy and effective for centralized or decentralized IT organizations.
Optimizes SaaS and O365 cost management to ensure efficient alignment to business needs.
Drives change management innovatively by training users while using applications to help them transition to the productive use of new applications.
Automates standards and policies for proactive security and IT policy compliance.
Proactively aligns business initiatives, goals and objectives with best practices in license management, adoption and utilization, as well as security and IT policy compliance.

Expert Guidance for SaaS Optimization

Organizations purchase many SaaS solutions that never achieve full utilization or operational improvements, which leads to lower productivity, wasted budget spends, and a lack of application standardization that limits collaboration and business effectiveness. 

With CoreOptimize custom roadmaps, you maximize investment, reduce financial risk, optimize technology utilization to meet business needs, and mitigate risk by establishing security and compliance standards through SaaS management automation and best practices.

Education Enables Rapid CoreView Knowledge Transfer 

Managing SaaS management solutions is not always easy. Documentation is often sparse and doesn’t address key issues such as chargeback, licensing, and contracts. Meanwhile, admin tools are clumsy, and security is a SaaS afterthought.

The CoreOptimize education program provides a Just-In-Time-Learning (JITL) capability within CoreView to support IT with the knowledge to maximize SaaS management benefits, protect apps from breaches, and exploit the full value of SaaS productivity with CoreView.

Quality Support Equips Customers with Long Term Solutions 

CoreOptimize supports the evolution of IT SaaS Management up the maturity levels.

CoreView expertise is available 24/7 and is accompanied by hot topic webinars, online user guides, best practices, product roadmap and feedback, and tips and tricks aplenty.   

Best Practice Guidance Leads to Innovative and Mature SaaS Management Standards

High IT SaaS Management standards and proactive innovations achieve a higher level of maturity and excellence.

CoreOptimize consulting expertise enhances SaaS management’s ability to put best practice standards and policies in place faster to ensure time to value in license optimization, adoption and utilization of SaaS apps, and risk mitigation with automated IT policy and security governance excellence. 

World Class Methodology Ensures Repeatable Optimization Excellence

CoreOptimize includes a best practice approach to implementing the CoreView solutions to realize the efficiency impact of a mature SaaS management operational standard and support the improvement in your organization’s capabilities with each evolution of your maturity level.

License Management Taken to Levels of Optimization

CoreOptimize harnesses CoreView solutions and consulting expertise to optimize licenses by discovering unused but paid for licenses, finding application underutilization, and crafting adoption campaigns to increase usage and boost productivity. 

Popular CoreOptimize Features

Smart Planning

Smart Planning Harnesses Strategic SaaS Value

IT SaaS planning is raised to new levels with CoreOptimize consulting and services, including a plan for education, implementation design, project plan, customer roadmap, and a status report to track deliverables.


Education Promotes IT SaaS Expertise

Custom workflows replace and streamline tedious manual processes with automation. Time saved by O365 admins can be spent on more strategic IT work.

Configuration Guidance

Configuration Guidance Tightens Security, Improves User Experience

CoreDiscovery tracks all application workloads by users, and discovers how much of the apps are exploited. Perfect for adoption campaigns or license downsizing.

Optimization Services

Optimization Services Save Money, Boosts Productivity and Value

SaaS optimization means you are getting the full productivity and economic value from your SaaS apps by paying for only the licenses you actually use and buying the right level license, and fully utilizing the services acquired.

With CoreOptimize, you can easily build an IT optimization roadmap, build the right education and support plans, and review implementation.

“CoreView and Alpin address the lack of governance for the broad array of SaaS applications that are present in every enterprise. Meaning that companies will realize the maximum value from all their SaaS investments.”