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Customer Webinar | September 14, 2022 | 11am EST

Optimizing your Microsoft Investment with CoreView: Best Practices around Managing Microsoft Teams

It shouldn’t take three days and another new PowerShell script to answer, “How many users on the EMEA finance team logged onto Teams this month?” “Are we getting the most value from Microsoft Teams?”

Microsoft Teams is a great communication and collaboration tool. And with the increase in remote and hybrid work, usage is skyrocketing. But when Microsoft Teams is out of control, it can make collaboration worse:

  • Creating silos of information
  • Sprawling channels
  • Risky practices leading to data loss nightmares

CoreView helps you get full oversight of your Teams environment, helping you get the full value of the tool at full speed - so you can adapt to whatever comes next.

On September 14th join us as we:

  • Showcase our new CoreView design and answer any questions in real-time
  • Provide real-life use cases on how to better manage Microsoft Teams
  • Sneak peek around what we have brewing for Q4

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Dan Flanigan, VP of Product
Roy Martinez, Solution Architect