Dynamics 365 Learning and Adoption Made Easy

Dynamics 365 Learning and Adoption turns all your end users into Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement superstars, through targeted learning campaigns and 150+ Just in Time Learning videos. To see more, watch our video.

The Benefits of Dynamics 365 Learning and Adoption

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the new CRM powerhouse, packed with features that boost the bottom line. Harnessing these features is the real issue. With Dynamics 365 Learning and Adoption, employees exploit the full power of Microsoft’s CRM solutions – and no longer pester the Help Desk with basic questions. This video goes more in depth. 

Tailored Training

By tailoring specific communications by job role and user activity history, you build fully personalized enablement campaigns to proactively and effectively drive adoption.

Videos Tied to Adoption

Over 150 on-demand videos help end-users master Dynamics 365 capabilities. These videos can be linked to any adoption communication messages by job activity or role. The viewing history of the training videos provides tracking and reporting to identify adoption trends.

Just-in-Time Learning

The CoreView solution for integrated training empowers end users with short, task-based videos that cover Dynamics 365 Customer engagement. The voice-over track for these videos is fully indexed so simple searches quickly find the learning material for the current task just-in-time when help is needed.

Single Sign-On

Access to on-line training videos doesn’t require an additional sign-in password.

Task-Based Training

All training videos are short (1-3 minutes), and focus on a specific task that users need to learn to be productive, right when they need it.

Constant Communication

Follow-up communications for those users who need additional training, and incentives to adopt new and mission critical functionality available.

Popular Dynamics 365 Learning and Adoption Features

150+ Videos

Provide Training In-App, So Users Get Help When And Where They Need It Most

CoreView’s Dynamics 365 Learning and Adoption solution provides a library of 150+ training videos on Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement. Plus, it can be accessed right from your Dynamics 365 product menu and search bar.

Viewing History

Keep Track Of The Videos You've Watched So You Can Keep Learning More

Every time you watch a video it will show the content as ‘checked off.’ This allows you to easily jump back into a training routine each day and helps you find the refresher videos you need faster.

Email Campaigns

Design Email Templates For Product Roll-Outs, Process Reminders And Tutorials

With our built-in email campaign solution, it’s easy to create templates for various change management initiatives. Then, with email open rate data, you can optimize your templates to use the email designs that work best.

Targeted Adoption Campaigns

Keep Adoption Campaigns Targeted To Avoid System-Wide Email Fatigue

With Dynamics 365 Learning and Adoption, you can target an entire region or a tiny team with your adoption and training messaging. This prevents the rest of your staff from getting irrelevant emails that cause them to ignore future messaging.

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Case Study

CoreView has enabled The Wonderful Company to optimize its license management and reconstruct Office 365 into a set of virtual-tenants…

“CoreView enables us to create reports on information we were never able to see before. We can now create targeted marketing campaigns with integrated training videos and monitor our adoption growth”

Daniel Park – IT Services Manager – The Wonderful Company