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Microsoft Office 365 Auditing Tools

Comprehensive Office 365 compliance auditing

Microsoft Office 365 audit reports

A better way to audit the Office 365 stack

Embrace the cloud and minimize risk with advanced compliance tools

Office 365 auditing

Comprehensive Office 365 Audit Reports

  1. Configure audit and alert reporting to monitor end-user activities which deviate from company policies
  2. Monitor inappropriate access provided to email accounts
  3. Track and report any external access delegated to Office 365 file shares
  4. Monitor and secure all mobile devices connected to Office 365

Office 365 administrator

Audit Office 365 Usage

Monitor both user activities and access rights enabled for different services within Office 365 (SharePoint libraries, OneDrive folders, Exchange mailboxes, etc.) Also, audit reports can track and report on service availability to ensure SLA’s are being met.

Ensure users stay compliant with business policies. Specific security compliance reporting can be configured to watch out for end-user actions that deviate from published policies and standards.
These reports can also track trends and process improvement cycles to validate security standards are being followed.

office 365 compliance

Office 365 Audit Reports

4ward365 custom baseline

Office 365 License Audits

Perform cost saving audits on over-allocated licenses for users who have not utilized certain workloads that correspond to their Office 365 license type.
Ensure that your available licenses are being delegated appropriately to the business units and power users that need the advanced capabilities.

Configure alert notifications to be sent when security compliance issues are identified to notify administrators for remediation.
Alert reports can monitor document access, deletes and modifications as well as secured setting changes to shared folders.

On-Event alert

Office 365 Compliance Audits

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