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Microsoft Office 365 RBAC Administration Tools

Delegate specific Office 365 admin rights to regional administrators

Microsoft Office 365 RBAC Tools

A better way to delegate the Office 365 stack

Decide who can do what, and for which users or organizations.

Office 365 RBAC

Microsoft Office 365 RBAC Benefits

  1. Delegate only specific admin rights to regional administrators
  2. Empower Help Desk engineers to perform simple account updates like password changes
  3. Segment user groups by business unit or location (V-Tenants) and assign specific admins to only manage those groups
  4. Setup merged Office 365 tenants as single organizations to enable admins to manage accounts from single interface

Role Based Access

Role Based Access

Enables the assignment of specific admin capabilities based on job role.
This allows for the controlled distribution of admin rights to regional support groups or help desk engineers so they can effectively manage their local users.

Users can be grouped and segmented by common attributes such as: Business Unit, Geographic Location, Department, etc.
These groupings, or v-tenants, can then be assigned to specific administrators so that they can ONLY view user activity reports and perform account updates on those corresponding communities.

office 365 delegation

Delegation with V-Tenants

License Pool

License pool allocation

Available Office 365 licenses can be associated to designated user groups, or business units, so they can only be assigned to users within that group.
This enables simplified license management and the ability to perform chargeback accounting by business unit.

Organizations with multiple Office 365 tenants have a complex environment to support. To simplify admin monitoring, reporting and account updates for these organizations our solution enables the merger of multiple tenants into a single environment view. All user accounts, licenses and activities are visible from the same interface and administrators can perform bulk-actions across multiple tenants with a single click.

Office 365 multi-tenant delegation

Multi-tenant delegation

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