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Microsoft Office 365 Usage & Reporting Tools

More than 200 reports showing how your organization is using Office 365 services

CoreView Microsoft Office 365 Activity & Reporting Tool

A better way to report the Office 365 stack

Use your Office 365 data to make smart strategic decisions

Office 365 reports

Complete visibility into your Office 365 environment

  1. Monitor the status of your deployment and service availability to meet SLA’s
  2. Track user activities across all workloads to identify trends and adoption issues
  3. Proactively monitor license distribution compared to adoption for cost savings opportunities around inactivity
  4. Utilize chargeback reporting to assign cost allocation by business unit

Office 365 cost report

Office 365 Cost reports

Leverage the capabilities to group users by common attributes (business unit, location, department) and assign cost models to do chargeback reporting. Accurately forecast budgets and perform predictive analysis for licensing distribution and cost cutting strategies.

Keep a tight handle on license utilization with segmented reports on available licenses by type, consumed licenses, and suspended licenses.
Reports also include information on purchasing dates and upcoming invoice dates to provide budget forecasting capabilities.

office 365 license report

Office 365 License Reports

Office 365 aggregation report

Office 365 Aggregation Reports

All Coreview reports are generated in real-time with the most up-to-date information available. Customizable dashboard reports show aggregated data across all aspects of Office 365 to show growth trends and provide corresponding analysis between business units, geographic locations, and job roles. These reports can also be segmented and assigned to specific regional administrators so they can monitor only their local user base.

Keep a close watch on user activities for the different Office 365 workloads to help manage adoption.
Service usage reports will help identify users who need additional training and assistance so that admins can organize and drive targeted adoption campaigns for those user groups.

Office 365 service report

Office 365 Service Reports

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