Join Us for an Introduction to SaaS Management Platforms Led By Gartner

A New Generation of Efficiency

Organizations encounter many challenges managing their SaaS applications because native consoles lack the depth of capabilities to meet enterprise requirements. Gartner has defined a new market known as SaaS Management Platforms (SMPs) that solve this need and allow IT administrators to manage application policies, track application usage and automate IT administrative tasks in a single platform. Organizations purchase SMPs to solve security, compliance and policy management pain points, in addition to automating manual tasks to reduce errors and the time spent on these tasks.  

Join CoreView for a webinar on Thursday, June 27th at 3 pm GMT / 11 am EST to hear from Manjunath Bhat, research director at Gartner who co-authored Gartner’s recent Market Guide for SaaS Management Platforms.

Topics to Be Discussed:

  • Learn which issues are being solved by the emerging SMP market and how organizations are applying the six major functional categories of an SMP to consolidate the management of their SaaS applications.
  • Discuss the capabilities and impact that SMPs will have on an organization’s SaaS investment and IT resources
  • Learn how SMPs can be used to realize greater efficiency by automating common IT tasks that are typically done manually or through scripting

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Learn more about SaaS Management Platforms from Gartner researcher, Manjunath Bhat.