How Can I ... Solve Common M365 Problems

In this video series, we’ll show you how you can use CoreView to help you with your day-to-day administration and security of Microsoft 365.

Here’s a quick introduction video →

About "How Can I..."

For many of the videos, we will be working to set up Bob from accounting, giving him access to complete administration tasks in CoreView so that he can do tasks on his own without having to bother me (We play the role of Global Admin). Each video is short and the idea is that over time we’ll have a library of videos showing you how you can use CoreView to help you to see, manage, and automate Microsoft 365 administration.

How Can I Optimize My M365 With Workflows?

It’s always best to “automate all the things” and workflows in CoreView allow you to do that. In this example, we create a workflow for Bob to create new users. In a typical Microsoft 365 environment, you most likely wouldn’t allow someone from accounting to create users because of all of the steps and dependencies involved.

With workflows you can automate all of those steps so all Bob really needs to do is provide a first and last name and the workflow completes all necessary tasks. This is a simple user provisioning workflow, many of our customers have much more complex workflows based on their business requirements.

How Can I Limit Admin Access to My M365?

Now that Bob is set up as an operator and assigned to the accounting Virtual Tenant, we need to assign permissions so that Bob can administer the users. Permissions in CoreView and very straightforward and follow more of a functional approach…give operators functional access to Microsoft 365 so they can administer effectively.

You’ll see in this video that there are a number of granular functions that can be delegated and also how you can limit the visibility in the interface so the operator only sees what they need to see. This is very different from Roles in Microsoft 365 and when combined with Virtual Tenants it means that not only are permissions limited but so is visibility.

How Can I Partition Users in M365?

In this video, we walk through how to set up Virtual Tenants and also set up operators (delegated administrators) within the CoreView platform. Virtual Tenants allow you to partition your Microsoft 365 tenant to limit visibility.

In this case, We are going to create a Virtual Tenant for the accounting department and assign it to Bob. This means that when Bob logs into CoreView he will only see accounting users.

How Can I Manage Bulk Users in M365?

Learn how to simply manage user accounts in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. CoreView makes user management and bulk tasks such as granting user rights, editing user information, application access, license management and so much more.

How Can I Bulk Edit User Properties in Microsoft 365?

Your HR department wants employee contact information to be available, but who wants to pull up each employee individually and update this information? Not you! I show you how to easily update user properties in a snap.

How Can I Find Inactive Users in Microsoft Teams?

Learn how to automate and speed up administration tasks in Microsoft 365.

How Can I Increase Microsoft Teams User Adoption?

Discover how you can use the “Teams Adoption Growth Report” to see:
  • Adoption and usage numbers, listed by department
  • Where usage is growing, 0 or negative by department

How Can I Optimize My Microsoft Office 365 E5 Licenses?

Learn how to manage your Microsoft Office 365 licenses easily and quickly with CoreView.

How Can I Automate Removing Users from Microsoft Office 365?

We help Bob in account to deprovision (remove) users from Microsoft Office 365 the right way, and removing their licenses, and creating a shared mailbox so that Bob can access their emails using the CoreView M365 management platform.

How Can I Use the New User Card?

Starting at the end of October 2021, a new design for the user card (user information) was released. Watch this quick walk-through of the updates and where to find all the user information with the new design.