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Carlisle Construction Materials


With only eight employees in the operations team supporting over 3,000 employees in 30 locations around the world, a productivity platform was vital to maintaining Carlisle Construction Materials as a well-oiled machine. CCM only evaluated a few options before deciding to migrate to Office 365 in 2014.

As a cloud-first company, CCM was very satisfied with the low cost and ease of moving to the Office 365 platform; however, the company also faced noticeable challenges. CCM’s IT team quickly realized the difficulties that came along with extracting useful data, reports, and statistics within the Office 365 environment. The very small team quickly fell behind in keeping up with the reporting needs for the large company and needed a solution to quickly and efficiently analyze data from its Office 365 deployment.

Not having a single-pane-of-glass view of a company’s activity can be perilous, as it leaves many red flags and other details unnoticed. A report that CCM’s IT team needed, but did not have, was a way to evaluate and manage productivity on mobile devices. In order to ensure security across devices, CCM needed a way to easily access information on the employee devices—including mobile—that were accessing company information and connecting to applications. Unveiling details on which devices were connecting to company information and applications would ensure better security from an IT standpoint. Pulling this report from Office 365 alone was virtually impossible. Also, CCM’s limited security reports left data breaches undetected. Data loss prevention (DLP) software would solve this issue by enabling optimal visibility, especially useful for a small IT team with limited bandwidth.

“CoreView is a complete solution that shows you everything you would want or need to know about your Office 365 service without breaking a sweat.”


After researching tools for reporting, management, monitoring, and auditing its Office 365, CCM evaluated several promising solutions. CoreView’s free 30-day trial exhibited an intuitive user interface (UI), ease of use, and ability to fully manage in comparison to competitors, which quickly won over CCM. In fact, due to the simplicity of CoreView’s management tools, CCM’s delegation model remained intact, allowing them to manage everything in the same manner as their on-premises applications. This made it very easy for the IT personnel as they did not experience a severe learning curve as originally expected. CCM found value in both the custom and built-in reports. A common built-in report the company uses surrounds productivity on mobile devices and email connectivity.

Through this report, CCM found instances of email usage on mobile devices that were not enrolled in a Mobile Device Management (MDM) program. The company is now able to immediately take action to remediate these issues. Some examples of custom reports CCM has built provide information on specific users, including which specific Microsoft licenses they were assigned, the last time they used OneDrive or SharePoint, and more. With CoreView, CCM is able to see a full picture of its user base and identify which users they should spend more time on training in certain areas to drive its business forward.


CCM has realized many benefits with CoreView. Not only has it streamlined its IT team, but it has provided useful data that has been pivotal in making key business decisions. Janovich revealed that CoreView’s robust reporting system has alleviated 25% of his time in creating monthly reports for management.
CoreView’s impact on end users has been tremendous. Because of the ease of the reporting and management functionalities, the IT team is able to gain robust, detailed, and clear information they can relay to the executive team. This enables them to make more informed decisions on solutions they provide and how they could continue to sell most effectively.

The IT team mainly uses CoreView for Exchange, OneDrive, and SharePoint. Since moving SharePoint from on-premises to online two years ago, their environment has grown rapidly and now enables them to better monitor unique users. The following features have helped them significantly with these workloads:

  1. Enhanced Management Efficiencies – Many notoriously tedious tasks are simplified through CoreView. The time spent on pulling data for reports is reduced from a few hours to just a few minutes, which frees up time for IT team members to better support end users.
  2. Increased Productivity – CoreView immediately and accurately generates reports, saving ample time on sifting through data and analysing the alternative way. With features such as scheduled reporting, CCM’s IT team is able to focus on reaching their strategic goals without being bogged down by mounds of admin work.
  3. Reduced Regulatory Concerns – The built-in auditing provides easy access to activity logs and access control monitoring. CCM has successfully used this feature to analyze license utilization per user, in detail to ensure that they are remaining economical and secure with their license provisioning. Additionally, CoreView’s DLP capabilities enable CCM to identify potential access issues, minimizing data leakage risks.


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