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Microsoft Ignite Press Release

CoreView today announced major new product enhancements that dramatically improve the management capabilities for enterprise organizations running Office 365.  These new features will be demonstrated at Microsoft Ignite on Sept. 24-28 (booth #118) in Orlando, FL.

CoreView will showcase its ability to perform Hybrid Management functions for both on-premises and Office 365 environments, as well as customizable workflow actions that will streamline day-to-day administration processes such as account provisioning.

“For the first time ever, IT administrators can stay in a single pane of glass to manage both on-premises and Office 365 user accounts,” says Ivan Fioravanti, Chief Technology Officer at CoreView. “Our solution will perform the necessary updates in the background no matter where the user’s account is located. And we will completely automate the account provisioning process and other day-to-day tasks with our customizable workflow engine.  Now that’s a ‘holy wow’ moment!”

Over recent years the amount of manual effort needed to manage an enterprise Office 365 environment has not been reduced one bit.  Corporate IT teams are still spending countless hours trying to maintain control of licensing distribution, monitor security compliance, perform account administration, and drive usage adoption.

Today’s announcement from CoreView helps address all these challenges.


CoreView is the global leader in Office 365 management solutions.  It provides a fully integrated product that incorporates Monitoring, Reporting, Management, Customizable Administration and Training/Adoption to help customers stay in control of their Office 365 deployment. The comprehensive features and the advanced functionality built into CoreView allow organizations to improve security, streamline administration, optimize licensing, and empower usage adoption. CoreView’s commitment to innovation is demonstrated by a close alliance with Microsoft as a Gold Certified Partner. For more information, please visit


Rick Marquardt, Chief Marketing Officer


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CoreView helps companies discover and manage their SaaS vendors. As part of that effort, we work to track the GDPR compliance status of a large number of vendors, so that you can see if your vendor are compliant. And we stay up-to-date on GDPR news, too.

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