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New Azure AD Monitoring and Reporting


New Azure AD Monitoring and Reporting

Newly Added Monitoring and Reporting Capabilities

Microsoft both Azure and Microsoft Office 365

Newtown, PA, April 19, 2017CoreView announced today the support for Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) monitoring and reporting within its flagship CoreView product. This will enable customers to audit and report on suspicious login activity, different device access methods and DLP activities, and perform security and compliance auditing, all from a common management interface. These new features, along with the broad set of existing functionality, provide CoreView’s customers on Microsoft Office 365 with a complete enterprise solution to help keep their cloud environment secure. The new capabilities will also allow customers to configure automated alerts to notify administrators when security compliance issues with Azure AD are identified. In total, CoreView now allows auditing and alert notifications based on over 500 actions in Office 365 and Azure AD.

Continued Innovation for Cloud Management

Businesses are increasingly searching for advanced management solutions to help them maintain full visibility and control over their cloud environments. To reduce complexity for their IT administration teams, most organizations want a single management solution with a broad set of capabilities. Wrapping the Azure AD monitoring and reporting capabilities alongside the existing set of Office 365 management features makes CoreView one of the most comprehensive cloud management solutions.

Ivan Fioravanti, CTO, CoreView SRL, states, “Providing access to this new Microsoft Azure Active Directory information will help our customers quickly identify security issues while improving their auditing methods of confidential IT operations.”

Carl Baumann, CEO of CoreView USA, states, “I’m thrilled that we now have the first part of Microsoft Azure management within our product. This sets the stage for many great enhancements to come as we continue to innovate with CoreView. Our goal is to provide the most complete Microsoft cloud management solution.”

Ryan McGee, director, Security Product Marketing, Microsoft Corp. said, “Microsoft understands the critical nature of data security and management in the enterprise. We are pleased to see CoreView expand its commitment to our mutual customers who benefit from these enhanced capabilities.”

To ensure that the Azure AD reports are accurate, the detailed information will be gathered and made available within CoreView multiple times per day. This will also assist with auditing the privileged actions that occur within Azure AD. Privileged actions include elevation changes (such as role creation or password resets), changing policy configurations (including password policies), or changes to the directory configuration.

Specific examples of the type of Azure AD sign-in and activity reporting that will be made available in the next release of CoreView include the following:

Suspicious Azure AD Sign-in Reports

    • Sign-ins with anomalous activities
    • Possible compromised credentials
    • Sign-ins after multiple failures
    • Access from multiple geographies
    • Sign-ins from suspicious IP addresses
    • Irregular sign-in activity
    • Sign-ins from possibly infected devices

Azure Activity Reports

    • Application usage: summary and detailed reports
    • Application dashboard
    • Detailed audit logs
    • Account provisioning errors
    • Individual user devices and activity
    • Groups activity reports
    • Password reset activity

Additional Auditing Information

    • Datacenter operations
    • DLP issues
    • Security and compliance center
    • User activity for Microsoft PowerBIPower BI, Sway, and Yammer

Feature Availability

The new Azure AD monitoring and reporting capabilities will be in the next release of CoreView, which will become available in Q2 2017.

About CoreView

CoreView is the global leader in Office 365 management, reporting, monitoring and auditing solutions. The company’s flagship product, CoreView, provides enterprise organizations and Microsoft partners the ability to monitor, manage, report, and audit valuable information on all aspects of their Office 365 environment. This comprehensive data and the advanced functionality built into CoreView allows organizations to improve security, streamline administration, achieve compliance, optimize licensing, and deliver operational improvements. CoreView USA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CoreView SRL, headquartered in Milan, Italy. CoreView’s commitment to innovation is demonstrated by a close alliance with Microsoft as a Gold Certified Partner. For more information about the CoreView management solution, visit or e-mail or call 800-436-8183.


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Carl Baumann, CEO

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