Intelligently Optimize SaaS Licenses and Spend. Master Costs and Boost Productivity.

Maximize the return on what you’ve invested in, by helping your team use approved applications instead of unsanctioned Shadow IT. Enable just-in-time learning to increase collaboration and productivity. Ensure you are paying for what you need: the right licenses for the right people. Organize licenses and set accurate chargebacks in an instant.


Your SaaS Spend And Usage

Get full value from M365 and other SaaS products, by driving adoption and proficient use of approved applications, ensuring you pay for the right licenses, using data to negotiate winning renewals, and setting accurate chargebacks. The results: high productivity, maximum ROI, and lower TCO.

icon administration and reporting
Get the Most From Licenses

With CoreView, you can find any inactive, oversized and duplicate licenses and reallocate them with ease, to ensure you are getting the absolute most out of your investment without overspending on unnecessary costs.​

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Boost Productivity

Target, promote, and track application use. Track license and workload usage, and optimize licenses, especially M365 E3/E5. Drive adoption of critical applications such as Microsoft Teams.

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Create Power Users

Get employees to master critical apps. Rapidly boost adoption of the right applications via campaigns leveraging usage data and track adoption progress.

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Boost Training Retention

Teach the right way. Increase adoption and productivity with 2,500+ Just-in-Time Learning (JITL) videos integrated into workloads, and cut service desk calls.

icon security and compliance
Monitor SaaS Activity

Understand what is happening within your key SaaS products. Drill down from top-level reports to detailed information, across your user base and the array of SaaS products they are using.

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Discover Shadow IT

Discover which SaaS applications are in use, by whom. Choose any or all of 14 methods – including pulling information from systems you already have in place – to get the most complete picture of your SaaS estate.

What's included
in the CoreView Optimize Family

Find unused apps, and launch killer campaigns to drive productive use! Make M365 productivity soar, ROI rise, and TCO drop like a stone!

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Maximize License Payback

Find misallocated Microsoft 365 licenses and reassign them with ease. With CoreAdmin, you can find all of your inactive, oversized and duplicated Microsoft 365 licenses and reassign or return them without ever leaving the management platform. This prevents overspending and helps you identify user zones with poor product adoption.

o365 saas management
o365 saas management

Revolutionize M365 Management

With CoreSuite, you get everything you need to Protect, Manage, and Optimize your company’s Microsoft 365 environment. Secure data, save money on licenses, and boost productivity!

Discover and Manage All SaaS

Companies want to see and govern the wide array of SaaS applications in use within the organization. CoreSaaS discovers and manages SaaS apps. It helps admins get a full view of what is happening, and pull together all those SaaS products into one management interface.

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Get People Using The Right Tools

Increase M365 application adoption 40% with CoreAdoption. Find unused apps, and launch killer campaigns to drive productive use! Make M365 productivity soar, ROI rise, and TCO drop like a stone!

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Boost User Proficiency In Key Apps

CoreLearning makes 2,500+ training videos accessible from right within your Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Dynamics products. With this ‘learning by doing’, users get answers to their how-to questions without flooding your help desk.

Deployment Options
icon cloud
Cloud Installs

If you use Microsoft’s cloud-based licenses, enjoy CoreSuite via a cloud-only, Azure-native set-up.

icon hybrid
Hybrid Set-ups

For companies that use a mix of cloud and on-premises licenses, CoreSuite can be configured to accommodate everyone.

“The CoreView solution has been instrumental in our newfound ability to manage our business units as separate entities – with accurate and uniform cost accounting for license ownership.”

Ismael Carlo, Global IT Services Manager