One Solution To All Your SaaS Security Problems

Microsoft 365 is a sitting duck for hackers – but you can make it your first line of defense!

Make Protect

Your Best Line of M365 Defense

Avert M365 and SaaS data disasters with SaaS-specific security. Data breaches, insider threats, log-in attacks, email cracking, password compromises, ransomware invasions, misconfiguration data disasters. End them all now!

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Deal with Breaches

Long-term usage and log data let you track and stay ahead of breaches

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Block Insider Threats

Limit dangerous admin privileges, track and control employee malfeasance.

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Fight Log-In Attacks

Report product usage across a variety of user cross sections and set up email campaigns to drive adoption.

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Make Email Safe

Email is the number one way attacks succeed. Secure mail clients, and track breach attempts.

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Stop Password Compromises

Enforce MFA, identify risks and change passwords based on threats, and control password complexity.

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Foolproof and Safe Configuration

80% of breaches are due to misconfiguration and mistakes. Perfect and automate configuration and stop worrying.

What's included

in the CoreView Protect Family

M365 and SaaS hold most of your critical data – not to mention user identities. Standard security tools do little to keep SaaS safe. CoreView dives deep into SaaS security so you can enjoy the cloud in safety.

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Protect and Respond to Data Breaches

When enterprise data is compromised, it can take weeks to realize it and even longer to track down the cause and locate the damage. CoreSecurity helps by immediately alerting you to suspicious activity and providing long term storage for your user activity logs.

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Virtual Tenants and True RBAC

Virtual Tenants turn a single M365 environment into a set of independent silos, easing administration. RBAC restricts admins to only what they need to do – improving efficiency and security.

You can segment your tenant into Virtual Tenants that might reflect a department, or a country, or region, or even a single location. By breaking into smaller groups, you can restrict what users can see and act on, making it much easier to manage than having to tackle the entire organization in one bite.

Find & Redact Data for GDPR Compliance

80% of your company’s documents are stored in unstructured documents, like PDFs, Word documents or emails. If these documents have personally identifiable information (PII) in them, it can leave you vulnerable to GDPR fines. CoreScan helps you quickly find and redact sensitive data, so you can comply with Right to Be Forgotten and Subject Access Requests and keep private information from falling into the wrong hands.

Shine Light on Shadow IT

Gartner researchers predict that this year, 2020, one-third of all successful attacks on enterprises will be against Shadow IT resources. Identify and act upon misconfigurations, suspicious events, and risky behavior across many SaaS products. Apply consistent policies to avoid security risks. Access extended audit logs for long-term forensic analysis.

Shadow IT is a very big deal. Cisco found CIOs had 15 times more cloud applications than expected, and large enterprises use over 1,200 cloud services — and 98 percent are Shadow IT. CoreSaaS discovers Shadow IT and manages all SaaS.

CoreSaaS delivers near-instant return on investment (ROI) through immediate license and subscription savings – reducing these costs up to 30%. Customers use CoreSaaS to discover cloud software products, manage costs and renewals, increase security and compliance, and automate processes.

Deployment Options
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Cloud Installs

If you use Microsoft’s cloud-based licenses, enjoy CoreSuite via a cloud-only, Azure-native set-up.

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Hybrid Set-ups

For companies that use a mix of cloud and on-premises licenses, CoreSuite can be configured to accommodate everyone.

“We use CoreView to identify suspicious log-ins, and bring them to the attention of the appropriate IT administrators. It gives you comfort that you are identifying these anomalies, and identifying the anomalies in an easy way.”

Stephen Chris, COO
Baker Tilly Canada Cooperative