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We’ve all been on Teams, but how’s the quality of audio, video, sharing? Find out!


Today CoreView released version 20.06.  And it is jam-packed with customer-requested new features to make it easier to optimize your Microsoft 365 and overall SaaS environment, by making it easier to protect and manage more comprehensively, to avoid  security risks.


Have you ever wondered how your users are using Teams? How many calls/meeting each department is making? Who is experiencing problems with bad audio, video quality, or sharing? Why? How can I help my users?  With CoreTeamsAnalytics, we want to help you find the answers.
  • Discover user behaviors with our new Call Quality Dashboard and historical trends with Teams Adoption Growth that shows growth in the use of Teams over time.
  • Analyze, go in deep with the new reports tracking “User Call Quality”, “Call Quality”, and “Call Card” for all metrics that are tracked and analyzed per user, geography, or company.
  • Manage and take actions with over 20 Management Tasks dedicated to Teams that can be automated and executed regularly for better control of Teams.
Note that this feature is in beta as the Microsoft API we use is also in beta. If interested in enabling this feature, please contact your Customer representative.


  • CoreView now integrates with Microsoft Intune and retrieves the mobile device information you need to keep your MS 365 tenant under control with more mobile devices accessing tenant data, and secure those devices directly from the report of devices – with content – about your users, their activities, and their devices.


  • More meaningful information can now be controlled within the CoreView Framework with two new features:
    1. KPIs allow operators to Manage Exceptions. With an Exception CoreView is capable of excluding specific cases or situations from the KPI evaluation, so that a KPI can be tailored to your environment.
    2. Administrators are now able to control who can access Custom Dashboards and assign specific permission to Operators inside their MS365 tenant.
  • Two new very helpful reports: Disabled Users & Disabled Licensed Users will help you keep your Tenant under control and optimize cost managing licenses associated with users no longer available.


  • Draft Mode will now enable operators to save and update workflows as a draft, and then be able to publish it later for execution. This will help improve the coordination when introducing a new workflow that has been created but may be incomplete or not approved, thereby reducing the risk of errors or the execution of incomplete workflows.
And more small improvements and User Interface enhancements.


  • Plus, more than 200+ small pesky bugs have been squashed in this release!

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