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What’s New in CoreView 20.07?

CoreView 20.07 was released August 19, 2020.  This release is rich with customer-requested features – so thanks for your feedback!  

Here’s a summary of the main features:


CoreSecurity, CoreScan, and CoreTag have now been integrated for seamless transitioning across managing the devices that can access organizational networks, managing the discovery of sensitive data in repositories like SharePoint, as well as showing the tags or classification of PPI, credit card data, etc. in these repositories.  CoreView now shows those tags in the UI to assist with compliance efforts.


In CoreFlow, the CoreView workflow component, automated actions and processes can be implemented consistently, including approvals such as to add new users or delete inactive or external users. Now, in setting up workflows, users now have a choice to include dynamic workflows, where instead of asking a simple Yes/No, workflows can now ask complex choices. Now approvals can be set up with complex or dynamic filters that allow multiple choices for approval, and the ability to filter with OR, instead of asking a simple yes/no. Thus, workflows will be able to ask for complex choices like:
  • Would you like to assign license E1, E3 or E5 to this user?
  • Someone is accessing your account from China, should I: approve logins for next 7 days, 14 days, or notify IT that it’s not me!
  • Execute a dynamic workflow from a CSV uploaded in a Secure FTP location – which further enables integration scenarios


CoreSaaS already discovers a seemingly already exhaustive list of SaaS applications that are being used or paid for by the organization. CoreSaaS now discovers even more applications using AD Federation Services. And, CoreSaaS now supports a new UI including new vendor usage, product usage, and user dashboards along with improved data table UI and filter improvements. 
The integration between CoreSaaS and G Suite has been extended, and CoreSaaS can now take management actions and management of G Suite licenses with G Suite Vault.  Based on what is discovered, CoreSaaS now allows for blocking or allowing 3rd party OAuth tokens and an allow listing feature with permission exceptions. Plus, it’s not just G Suite that is being further integrated into CoreSaaS, it has also been integrated into Salesforce with new management actions. 


In CoreView reports you are now able to view Regional settings for Time & Dates in the portal.  


CoreLearning content allows you to train your users on Microsoft 365, and you can now create new training content tailored and customized for your organization. It now supports content in multiple languages so that you can share knowledge across multiple countries. With this feature you can provide training in Spanish, French, etc.. Each language is available by request.  

And more small improvements and User Interface enhancements!  Thanks for your suggestions, keep them coming! 

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