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Integrating Powershell Scripts – Office 365



There is only so much time in the workday, and for those IT administrators who wear multiple hats, the workdays often include nights and weekends. Just by moving to Office 365 those regular administration tasks don’t disappear. In some ways they increase. So to help those IT admins, and get them home in time for family dinner, we are introducing a new integration model for custom PowerShell scripts. Now IT admins can write their own custom PowerShell script covering any management action on their tenant, and then distribute those scripts securely and easily within the CoreView management toolset, so other admins will be able to run them within their segmented, virtual-tenant without having global admin rights.

For example, an Office 365 Admin can write a PowerShell script to assign a specific license, set specific services, assign licenses to external tools like SalesForce, all from within the CoreView platform. Then they can securely enable that specific custom action to be utilized by other admins within the company by linking it to a drop-down menu function. It’s as easy as that…

This is one of the new CoreView functions that will be rolled out over the course of this week for the MS-Ignite event in September to help make Office 365 administration easier. These integrated PowerShell scripts can save hours of manual effort and can be securely delegated to regional administrators, and the helpdesk, with granular control over who can run them and what user groups they are allowed to update.

These custom actions to link PowerShell scripts are configurable within the “Manage” section of CoreView. They provide a simple, yet powerful, method to securely distribute time-saving actions to automate complex tasks for a consistent approach to user support and administration.

If you are interested in finding out more about our CoreView solution and how it can cut your administration time in half, please visit our overview page online, or sign-up for a free demo.

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