Coolest updates in CoreView’s 20.04 release

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CoreSuite allows users to easily Discover, Analyze, and Manage O365 environments, which with CoreView’s unwavering attention to continuously expand these capabilities has led to the following new features being added to the monthly releases that occurred, or will occur, in June and July. Join us to explore the following new capabilities:

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  • CoreView wants to empower admins to manage and monitor tenants in O356 using the most appropriate policies for their environments. To better control them your way, CoreView users can now create their own customized KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in a readily accessible report which allows for ongoing comparisons.
  • Within the CoreView Framework, which underlies the CoreView products including CoreSuite, information is stored for each Microsoft tenant. That tenant information together with enriched CoreView information enables users to now create a customized Dashboard. This customized Dashboard is centrally available and offers an integrated view of tenants, from which the health and status of O365 tenants instantly but then to also perform actions directly from the report, if needed – no separate navigation and content needed!
  • CoreFlow now includes a new UI for the creation of automated provisioning (or de-provisioning of users), as well as improved resilience with retry paths when errors occur, and the ability to export/import workflows.

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