CoreSuite: Everything You Need to Manage M365

CoreView’s powerful suite of tools lets you analyze, administrate, automate, optimize, secure, and audit your Microsoft 365 environment. There’s a lot going on. Let us show you how it works!  

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All Microsoft 365 Administration in One Place

CoreView Dashboard
CoreSuite acts as a layer between IT administrators and Microsoft 365. We provide a single admin interface that unlocks enormous value.

We start by importing every scrap of siloed data from your M365 tenant, organizing it, and keeping it up to date. Our Hybrid connector can pull in on-premises data as well. Now everything is in one place.

CoreSuite replaces all the admin centers in Microsoft 365. This gives IT teams the power to manage M365 with more efficiency, more control, and more security.

How Large Enterprises Manage M365

Segment and Delegate Administration to Fit Your Business With Virtual Tenants

Do you miss domains and Organization Units (OUs) since moving to M365?

CoreSuite’s Virtual Tenants are the answer. Virtual Tenants let you segment the tenant with any criteria available (department, location, group membership, business unit, etc.).  

Users can only see and manage objects within their Virtual Tenant. This lets you give local admins more autonomy, since they can only see what they need to see.

Virtual Tenants are dynamic too. As your environment changes, your Virtual Tenants are always up to date.
Screenshot of CoreView's Virtual Tenant
Screenshot of a user report

Report on Almost Anything - and Take Immediate Action to Fix It

Forget exporting data from 3 different M365 admin centers, combining the data in Excel, and then writing fiddly, fragile PowerShell scripts to make required updates.

Report on nearly anything to do with your Office 365 instance, and then take immediate action to resolve any issues you find, right from CoreView.

Generate reports across users, groups, Microsoft Teams, Exchange, OneDrive, licensing, and more.

Wouldn't it be amazing to be able to schedule reporting and either automatically send an email or initiate a workflow to address any issues? For example, with CoreView you can:
  • Pull up a list of Microsoft Teams Groups with no owners and either assign an owner or delete the groups
  • Filter enabled users based on the last login and disable any who haven’t logged on for x days
  • Drill down on license usage and identify users who might be eligible for a lower tier license (E5->E3, E3->F3)
  • Run a monthly report automatically that disables any account that hasn’t logged in for 30 days
  • And nearly any other report you can think of

Quickly Access Audit Trails and Activity Logs

The Microsoft 365 services generate a wealth of audit data that can be used for multiple purposes…if you can find it. CoreSuite collects and enhances audit data across Microsoft 365 to give you the information at your fingertips:
  • Need to see audit logs from 6 months ago? No problem, CoreSuite stores audit logs for 1 year or more.
  • Want to create an alert based on specific audit data? Easy – just set up the rules and send an email alert and/or run a workflow.
  • Need to see who accessed the file “Employee Salaries.XLXS” during one week of April? Just filter the results to that time frame and file name, then send the report to HR in just a few clicks!  
Audit trails make it easy to understand the past to respond to hacks or other incidents. Auditing works with any license, but combined with E5 licenses you can really see anything!
Audit activities
Management Wizard screenshot

Juggle both Cloud and On-Prem in a Hybrid Environment

Today’s enterprises are leveraging applications like Azure AD Connect to synchronize both on-prem and Azure Active Directory to manage their users.

The problem comes in when you need to update a user…are they on-prem (synced) or cloud-only? The type of user dictates where updates can be made for the user/object.

With CoreView’s Hybrid Agent, you can connect CoreSuite to your on-prem Active Directory and manage both synchronized and cloud-only objects. Taking the guesswork out of where to make updates and the transition from on-prem to Office 365 / Microsoft 365.

Dig Deeper into Microsoft Teams Data

The explosion of Microsoft Teams = more data to analyze to ensure usefulness.

Out of the box - CoreSuite provides a number of insightful reports for Microsoft Teams. But if you want next level reporting to dig into Microsoft Teams Voice features like call plans and PSTN – the Teams Advanced Add-On is for you.

CoreView’s Microsoft Teams Advanced Add-On gives you additional data on call and meeting quality. But also, on how telephony features are being used within your organization.

Make sure you’re getting the most out of your Microsoft Teams investment with the CoreSuite Teams Advanced Add-On.
Microsoft Teams CoreView Dashboard

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