Manage & Secure Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a great communication and collaboration tool. And with the increase in remote and hybrid work, usage is skyrocketing. But when Microsoft Teams is out of control, it can make collaboration worse:

  1. Creating silos of information
  2. Sprawling channels
  3. Risky practices leading to data loss nightmares

CoreView helps you get full oversight of your Teams environment, helping you get the full value of the tool at full speed - so you can adapt to whatever comes next.

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How do you track that policies are being followed? Do you know if it's being used effectively? IT teams need deep visibility to ensure that the explosion of collaboration isn't also increasing chaos and risk.

All Microsoft 365 Administration in One Place

Full Value

Get more value from Microsoft Teams by optimizing licenses, driving adoption, and ensuring everything is under control.

Full Oversight

Get it all under control with visibility into everything from breach attempts to policy violations.

Full Speed

Turn hours of work into just a few clicks with automation that does the heavy lifting on repetitive tasks.

Microsoft Teams Governance & Compliance

How do you keep everything secure, consistent with internal policies, and in compliance with external mandates and regulations? Are you continually monitoring what's going on in your Teams environment, so you're quickly made aware if something goes wrong? 

CoreView provides best practices and helps you:
  • Monitor Teams for lack of usage and remove or archive unused Teams
  • Ensure that files and data shared are appropriate with sensitivity filters and tags
  • Or whatever else you need to enforce or oversee
Microsoft Teams CoreView Dashboard
Microsoft Teams inactive users dashboard

Microsoft Teams Adoption & Usage

CoreView expands the available usage information, offering deep and rich reporting on exactly what's going on in your Teams environment.

Is everyone using Teams? Are some departments still using (and paying for) other tools?  Does everyone have the right licenses, and are they using them?
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One company discovered they had tens of thousands of public Teams channels – and was able to quickly make them private with CoreView, then built automation to ensure it never happened again!

Microsoft Teams Lifecycle Management

Did you know most companies have more teams than they do employees? How are you managing the lifecycle of teams and channels?  Depending on how long you’ve had Microsoft Teams deployed, things might have started to get a little messy.

What checks and balances are in place to ensure everything is up-to-date?

CoreView can let the right people know which Teams and users are active or inactive:
  • Improving administration
  • Simplifying navigation
  • Maintaining security
Our reports let you take action immediately - so you can schedule a regular attestation report, then address anything you find. Or take it to the next level with automation that fixes the issue.

However you choose to approach it - Teams management is an ongoing activity, and CoreView can help.
Microsoft Teams group activity dashboard
CoreView Microsoft Teams Call Quality dashboard screenshot

Microsoft Teams Telephony

Using Microsoft Teams Telephony and need more advanced reporting?  Or to empower departments or divisions to manage their own numbers and call queue or auto attendants?

Reach new levels of delegation, automation, and visibility with CoreView and Teams telephony.

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