Everything You Need to Simplify & Automate M365 Management

We will show you how to improve IT efficiency by simplifying SaaS administration, while automating common admin tasks. Empower your teams by democratizing powershell and end SaaS management hassles. See it in action!

The SaaS Management Platform For Large Organizations With Microsoft 365 at the Core of Their SaaS Stack

Delegate admin access through functionalized Role-Based Access Control, and through automated workflows. Our one-stop console provides total visibility and granular management to improve IT efficiency. 

The benefits

End SaaS management hassles and make admins the best they can be with automated workflows, tenant data at their fingertips, and the ability to take fast action – right from reports. All M365 consoles roll into one, providing total visibility and granular management to improve IT efficiency. Comprehensively see, manage, and automate all SaaS apps

RBAC and Least Privilege

By partitioning permissions with Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), you’ll need fewer global admins. This lowers user costs and improves security.

Virtual Tenants

You can segment your tenant into Virtual Tenants that might reflect a department, or a country, or region, or even a single location. By breaking into smaller groups, you can restrict what users can see and act on, making it much easier to manage than having to tackle the entire organization in one bite.

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Workflows Improve Everything

Automate processes using a visual workflow engine. Improve consistency and stop wasting time on provisioning and de-provisioning. Increase security by automating alerts and actions on security risks.

Next Level Teams Analytics

Anything you want to know about Microsoft Teams usage and configuration, at your fingertips. Report and Analyze Teams users by user, call, department, geography, company, and more!

“We view CoreView as experts in the field that can guide us to the most pertinent parts of the M365 ecosystem and integrate best practices into workflows.”

Tobin M. Cataldo, Executive Director
Jefferson County Library Cooperative


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