Mitigate Risk in M365 by Preventing & Responding to Data Breaches

We will show you how to boost your Microsoft Secure Score and mitigate risk, while avoiding disasters associated with SaaS-specific security. Turn M365 from a vulnerability to your first line of defense. See it in action!

The SaaS Management Platform For Large Organizations With Microsoft 365 at the Core of Their SaaS Stack

CoreView comprehensively mitigates risk across you SaaS ecosystem, with Microsoft 365 at the center, all through a single-pane interface providing total visibility and granular management to maximize your ROI and thoroughly secure your tenant. Say goodbye to compliance issues through granular privileges to detect, alert, and correct vulnerabilities

The benefits

Companies that need numerous global admins to handle Microsoft 365 tasks are less efficient, have weaker reporting and are more vulnerable to security breaches. CoreSuite helps by offering RBAC to restrict admin access, built-in reports that use metadata to drill deeper, and workflow templates that make processes automatic, repeatable and consistent.

Security Data Is Unified

We monitor all Microsoft 365 solutions at once, scanning both user and admin activities, so you aren’t jumping between dashboards to look for non-compliances. That means activity logs are comprehensive. Microsoft only stores activity logs for 90 days. We store a full-year by default, so IT teams can perform forensic investigations during security audits.

Alerts Are Automatic

When security incidents or compliance issues occur, we make sure you know right away — while you can still do something about it! We make it easy to create custom alerts for constant policy monitoring and enforcement for your specific Microsoft 365 configuration and usage rules.

Reporting Is Fine-grained

Data can be analyzed by department, business unit, country and more, so it’s easier to determine exactly where breaches first occur.

GDPR Compliance, Simplified

CoreView helps you find sensitive data so you can manage data risks and remain GDPR compliance

“We use CoreView to identify suspicious log-ins, and bring them to the attention of the appropriate IT administrators. It gives you comfort that you are identifying these anomalies, and identifying the anomalies in an easy way.”
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