Free Office 365 Health Check Report
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Know EVERYTHING About Your Office 365 Security and Costs

Don’t fly blind when it comes to O365 security flaws, application underuse, and excess license spend. The Office 365 Health Check provides insight no $500 an hour consultant can offer, including:

  • The State of Multi-Factor Authentication and Password Safety
  • Who Has Dangerous Privileges
  • How Many Licenses Are Inactive
  • What Services Are Barely Touched
  • How Many Files Are Shared Dangerously
  • How Many Users Have Admin Rights
  • Where Security and Compliance Problems Lay
  • And What To Do About It!

Request Your Free Health Check

In order to request your Office 365 Health Check, you will need to login as Tenant Admin on Microsoft side and grant consent to CoreView. We will never ask for your password; the authentication process is performed by Microsoft. Fill out the request form below, we will immediately begin ingesting your Office 365 account data, and notify you when the report is ready.

“CoreView enables us to create reports on information we were never able to see before. We can now create targeted marketing campaigns with integrated training videos and monitor our adoption growth”


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