What You Don’t Know Hurts You

Know EVERYTHING About Your Office 365 Environment

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  • How Many Licenses Are Inactive
  • What Services Are Barely Touched
  • How Many Files Are Shared Dangerously
  • How Many Users Have Admin Rights
  • Where Security and Compliance Problems Lay
  • And What To Do About It!
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In order to request your Office 365 Health Check, you will need to login as Tenant Admin on Microsoft side and grant consent to CoreView. We will never ask for your password; the authentication process is performed by Microsoft. Fill out the request form below, we will immediately begin ingesting your Office 365 account data, and notify you when the report is ready.

#1 Office 365 Management Platform

It takes you 5 minutes to get all these answers. Fill out this form, and we’ll do the rest. CoreView deeply scans, tracks and analyzes your total environment, and delivers a free 20-page report detailing how to:

  • Save 30% or more on license costs
  • Double application utilization, double end user productivity, and double Office 365 ROI
  • Stop users from spreading malware
  • Fix insecure passwords
  • Move vulnerable users to MFA
  • Make your admins’ lives easier

The Office 365 Health Check Action Plan saves money, boosts end user productivity, secures Office 365, and automates common admin tasks — taking Office 365 management to the next level.

CoreView provides deep insights into the Office 365 usage details that truly matter for IT management!

JOSHUA FRITSCH – VP of Information Technology, Accuweather

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