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Office 365 admins handle over five hundred changes annually in Azure AD and other Office 365 components, many from Microsoft. Whether you need a long-term strategy for simplifying O365 management or quick answers about specific updates, you’re in the right place.

CoreView is the #1 Microsoft 365 management platform. It’s our business to keep up with Microsoft innovation, fixes, and upgrades—meaning IT teams can control costs, optimize management, resolve security and compliance issues, and empower their workforce.

Sign up today to see CoreView in action and secure a 2024 copy of Office 365 for IT Pros. This 12-month subscription is the best resource available for all things O365 management—from recent changes and news to recommended action items for your team.

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Struggling with the complexity of managing Microsoft 365? You're not alone.

Managing Office 365 applications across different consoles, admin panels and data repositories, IT teams can quickly become overwhelmed with manual processes, increasing risk and frustration.

Here's the solution: CoreView, a platform designed to simplify it all. With CoreView, you can abstract the complexity and gain control over your Microsoft Office 365 environment.

Our comprehensive management platform streamlines processes, eliminates manual tasks, and provides a unified view across cloud and on-prem environments.

Say goodbye to scattered management and hello to streamlined control. Watch this 90-second video to discover how CoreView can make Office 365 management easier for you.

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