Delegated administration and role-based access control is essential for ensuring your Microsoft 365 environment is secure and that your IT team is responsive and efficient.

Microsoft’s solution? Custom roles and Administrative Units (AUs).

But, custom roles can cause security issues due to broad and overly powerful privileges. And, AUs lack can’t provide super granular, department-based access control, further complicating task delegation and permissions management.

This comprehensive guide to delegated administration in Microsoft 365 helps you navigate these challenges and covers:

  • The role of delegated administration in Microsoft 365 security
  • Microsoft’s native tools and their potential limitations
  • How to create true least privilege access with functional access control (FAC)
  • Use cases for Microsoft Teams, new users, license management, and more
  • How third-party tools can help augment user permissioning

Download the guide today to learn how to leverage role-based access control for a more secure environment.  

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