Mastering Mergers & Acquisitions in Microsoft 365

Keeping everyone happy while merging companies is challenging; choosing the right technology can help support these efforts.  Allow users to get back to work faster, all while reducing IT admin headaches by empowering rapid and secure digital collaboration.

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Current State of M&A

Virtual Tenants control what IT users see
Granular permissions for roles in each Virtual Tenant

Navigating post-merger or acquisition migrations poses particular difficulties for IT teams.

When companies merge or buy other businesses, central IT administrators' teams must coordinate moving users from one Microsoft 365 tenant to another, or even to and from multiple tenants while keeping everyone working productively and keeping to a specific timeline.  In addition, IT teams must often content with multiple leadership and IT teams, all of whom have different priorities and access or support needs.

Many leading IT teams are choosing CoreView’s Virtual Tenants capability to segment and delegate authority in a single consolidated tenant, granting each business unit or acquired company the ability to administer their own users while maintaining centralized oversight and control. CoreView provides the tools necessary to greatly simplify this inherently complicated and error-prone process. 

M&A Solution with CoreView

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Seamless Post-Acquisition Handoff

Instead of managing multiple disparate tenants, CoreView enables a transition to a single centralized tenant for greater security and visibility.  This comes with the ability to dictate how much control each local or subsidiary IT admin has over tenant, which means smoother sailing for all parties post-acquisition. CoreView allows easy delegation of tasks without sacrificing security when onboarding new admins and brands

Remove Manual Tasks = Increase Savings 

In addition to the benefits of a single centralized tenant, CoreView provides automation to improve efficiency and enable IT teams to get more done.  Use automated workflows for common tasks like onboarding and offboarding, free up unused licenses, and more. 
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Allocate Costs Effectively

Beyond just administering each acquired company, IT teams often struggle to accurately allocate costs between the businesses or business units.  CoreView enables license pools and other segmentation that makes cost allocation, as well as license usage review, a snap.  

Monitoring Usage & Adoption

Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Exchange are all critical tools for an organization.

Being able to efficiently maintain visibility into each of these platforms across various business and organizational units presents real challenges. CoreView’s advanced usage reporting allows each business unit to see exactly what their users are using, so they can react appropriately with training, license changes, or other actions.
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Granular Control of IT Admin 

Perfect permissions increase speed and reduce risk

As business units and organizations are merged, it’s important to maintain productivity;

and the key to productivity is empowerment. During an acquisition, there is a real risk of downtime and interruption that can impact business output.

With CoreView, IT administrators can provide extremely specific, fine-tuned permissions for lower-tier admins, allowing them to execute strategic activities without compromising security.

This means that teams can be empowered to self-admin as needed with unlimited flexibility within the CoreView platform, allowing the autonomy to conduct business as usual while assets and resources are merged and re-allocated.  

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