Delegated administration with Virtual Tenants™ and Perfect Permissions™

Offload up to 30% of IT tasks by delegating Microsoft 365 administration – while maintaining full oversight and consistency.

CoreView’s Virtual Tenants allow you to create dynamic segments within your centralized Microsoft tenant and assign very specific admin capabilities layer by layer - so you can offload tasks without compromising security or losing control.

Does your Microsoft 365 environment fit your business model?

Perfect permissions increase speed and reduce risk

Large organizations are faced with managing complex, often disparate Microsoft 365 environments.

Typically, this either means managing everything in one centralized Microsoft 365 tenant – and having to support everything through central IT, or managing many separate tenants and the headaches that parallel environments can bring.
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Why leverage CoreView Virtual Tenants

Virtual Tenants makes it possible to essentially “slice” a Microsoft 365 tenant based on a team’s requirements, maintaining Zero Trust while giving admins the appropriate level of autonomy. Tenants are virtualized as they would be with an on-premises Microsoft environment with Active Directory Organizational Units (OUs). 

An organization can divide their single Microsoft 365 tenant into logical groups, or sub-tenants, often based on Active Directory attributes. Once the tenant is logically divided, regional admins may be assigned to the sub or Virtual Tenants. These Virtual Tenants can be based on geography, team unit or even an agency’s on-premises OU structure, enhancing admin responsiveness while effectively mitigating IT threats. 
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Centralized administration

In a centralized model, the IT team must support and fulfill requests from numerous regions or departments for users numbering into the hundreds of thousands.  For larger organizations, this quickly becomes unmanageable - not to mention costly.
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Delegating administration

In a decentralized model, the IT team must grant permissions to others so they can manage their own users or support – but can only use a limited set of standard roles and can’t effectively align user permissions with their business model.  Worse still, the solution to this problem is often to grant overly broad permissions, which means far too many users are given admin rights.

Delegate with Virtual Tenants and Perfect Permissions

What if you could slice a single Microsoft 365 tenant in almost unlimited ways,

empowering local IT specialists or admins to add, manage, and support their own users while maintaining control and ensuring compliance?  With CoreView Virtual Tenants, you can segment your tenant by almost any criteria – by agency, department, or team, or even by user role or some other criteria.

Possibilities for segmentation criteria of a tenant are vast. If an admin desired to put all users with the area codes 305, 321, 352 and 386 into a separate group, this would be feasible, and any new users who fit the criteria will be automatically included. When admins are exposed to areas of the tenant they have no responsibility for, they find managing much more difficult. 
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Virtual Tenants control what IT users see
Granular permissions for roles in each Virtual Tenant
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Now assign Perfect Permissions

Then, you can assign incredibly granular, specialized Perfect Permissions for each Virtual Tenant to the proper admins.  Want to allow a marketing operations person to add new users and assign licenses, but only within his or her department?  No problem.  Want to enable only managers to create new teams in Microsoft Teams?  Virtual Tenants combined with granular, role-based access controls create unlimited combinations to support your specific needs.
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Jefferson County Library Cooperative was able to empower its 22 separate libraries while centralizing into a single M365 tenant through delegated administration with Virtual Tenants.  They went from unhappy libraries that had to wait for support to happy libraries that can handle most requests themselves.

Increase admin autonomy while reducing bottlenecks and risk

With CoreView, efficient management is supported by features that allow a combination of different tenants and segment users into new groupings.

Once those segments are configured, a subset of actions may be granted to administrators who will only be able to monitor and manage that subset of users.

Virtual Tenants gives admins the ability to:
  • Segment a single tenant into Virtual Tenants that reflect a department, country, region or even a single location
  • Allow independent groups to have autonomous control of their assets and resources
  • Delegate administrative responsibility at a more granular layer
  • Come one step closer to Zero Trust
  • Leverage a single sign-on to monitor and manage assigned user communities, even though they might be deployed on different tenants
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