October 26, 2022
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From email address and password protection to verification of credentials across several on-premises file servers, the demand for secure access has evolved over the years. 

Day by day, organizations are pushed to ensure that they meet these demands for secure access, even across various devices, applications, and a diversified user landscape.

It is for this reason that the Identity and Access Management (IAM) framework emerged. It evolved out of the need for IT managers to have effective control over the access of users to critical information within their organizations.

In this article, we take you through 7 reasons why you should adopt identity and access management for your organization. But first, we define Identity and Access Management (IAM).

What Is Identity and Access Management?

Identity and Access Management (IAM) refers to a framework of policies, procedures, and technologies that manage digital identities and make it easier for organizations to authenticate digital assets. IT departments use IAM as a way of securely identifying users, verifying their credentials, and giving access to privileges and resources across cloud-based and on-premises systems.

Why Does Your Organization Need Identity and Access Management?

There are many reasons why an organization might need identity and access management (IAM) solutions. Here are seven of the most important ones:

  • Preserving Office 365 Digital Identity and Security
  • Improving Microsoft User Experience
  • Increase Collaboration for Microsoft Security Teams
  • Reduce Microsoft IT Costs
  • Improve Microsoft Regulatory Compliance
  • Reduce Microsoft Admin Errors
  • Maximizing Business Performance

Preserve Office 365 Digital Identity and Security

The foremost importance of IAM for organizations is that it helps businesses implement their standard security policies across several systems and platforms. 

It consists of solutions that help control user access and safeguard digital identity to avoid security threats like identity threats, data breaches, and illegal access to the organization’s sensitive data.

A 2020 research indicates that about 81% of data breaches in the business world today evolve from default, weak, or stolen passwords. 

The IAM framework makes it easier to identify security violations and remedy them at an appropriate time. On the part of employees, it gives them access to systems based on their required role, which in turn considerably limits the probable insider security threats.

Improve the Microsoft User Experience

IAM can help IT admins create an exclusive digital identity that contains a specific set of credentials for each user, making the process easier for them to navigate. 

No longer will there be a need to manage several accounts which contain usernames and passwords across their roles within the organization.

IAM systems allow end-users to access their different networks across different devices, locations, and time zones, all without creating multi-passwords. 

Also, the Single Sign-on (SSO) helps to improve user experience by aiding users in accessing SaaS, web-based, cloud-based, and virtual applications with their unique set of credentials.

Increase Collaboration for Microsoft Security Teams

Effective collaboration is key to having a thriving business today. Improving the process of sharing and reviewing office processes and documents can only guarantee compliance across the board.

When you create a system that allows for unique logins, you ensure that your users can share access to resources, give appropriate feedback and give space for changes, while being confident that the documents and processes are protected and up-to-date.

In another regard, IAM tools can inculcate AI, automation, and machine learning into the process of managing, authenticating, and authorizing identities, such that only end-users, employees, third-party vendors, and clients with privileges can access these platforms.

Reduce Microsoft IT Costs

It is the dream of IT professionals to acquire tools that are not only valuable but also reduce general IT costs significantly. IAM tools help organizations save costs by reducing the time required to manage user account concerns.

For instance, the problem of several passwords can be minimized with the use of SSO. When this happens, the cost that the IT help desk spends on solving these issues will be reduced drastically. Also, when credentials become cloud-based on mobile and desktops, authentication becomes much easier.

Improve Microsoft Regulatory Compliance

Compliance with industry regulations is an important factor that forward-thinking organizations look out for. So, disclosing that IAM tools can be beneficial in this regard is one more reason to acquire IAM tools within the IT department. 

Government data regulations like:

  • CCPA
  • GDPR 

are some of the biggest government data regulations that organizations need to comply with. Doing so ensures that the privacy and security of customer data are guaranteed, and so they can also stay accountable while controlling access to employee and customer information.

IAM solutions are all about protecting data and securing these networks. This way, they allow IT departments to kill two birds with one stone – providing required security and privacy and complying with standardized regulatory practices.

Reduce Microsoft Admin Errors

From password mistakes, permission errors, and similar measures, errors can be very costly, not just to the IT department, but to the organization. However, IAM solutions can help your organization eliminate these as much as possible. 

Identity and access management ensures that manual management of data is eliminated and that password management features are optimized. Through biometrics, 2FA or MFA, role-based access, and other strong authentication measures, the best practices are implemented, and the potential mistakes that employees make in the process can be eliminated.

Maximizing Business Performance

Finally, one key factor that all departments look out for is ways in which more customers can be attracted and how business performance can be maximized. IAM also plays an important role, because once security concerns are reduced, other aspects of the business can be focused on, thereby encouraging even growth. It’s even more particular for larger organizations, considering the number of employees and the processes that will be required.

Final Thoughts

Now more than ever, the definition of “identity” is evolving to accommodate more factors aside from human identity. 

Therefore, it’s important that identity management is reassessed. Every organization, irrespective of size, requires a stable IAM network. 

You should be concerned about adopting IAM solutions that will not only help you reduce manual effort and save cost and time, but also maintain a strong account security system. 

If you’re interested in taking your security to the next level, then you should schedule a CoreView demo today.

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