Lesaffre Manages 55 Departments Through Delegated Administration

Lesaffre Manages 55 Departments Through Delegated Administration
  • Region: France
  • 7,200 M365 Users
  • 55 Local IT Departments
  • 55 CoreView Virtual Tenants
  • Moved to Microsoft 365 2018
  • Adopted CoreView Q1 2019

The world’s largest yeast manufacturer, Lesaffre is a French-based company with more than 10,000 global employees across 50+ subsidiaries, migrated to Microsoft 365 in early 2018. However, Lesaffre struggled to allow its subsidiaries independence while maintaining consistency and security at the same time.

In order to empower local teams, IT managers had been granted higher levels of access, but that meant they could access and manage any Microsoft 365 account worldwide – including those outside their region or unit.  Lesaffre needed a tool that would help them grant the right permissions and access, so they could delegate administration and reduce admin headaches while maintaining oversight.

Enter CoreView.

The Challenge

Lesaffre’s subsidiaries wanted full control of their M365 system without losing autonomy to the global IT team.

The Solution

CoreView was able to proactively prevent security threats and eliminate unnecessary risk by providing visibility into once hidden activity - all while allowing their global IT team to move faster with a powerful, centralized reporting engine that allows you to take action directly from a report – ensuring Lesaffre’s subsidiaries were able to do exactly what they needed.

  • More Role-Based Access Controls. Fewer Cyber Attacks. – Utilizing CoreView’s platform, Lesaffre was able to eliminate unnecessary risk by implementing a "perfect permissions” model that limits users to the lowest level of privileges needed to do their jobs, limiting the “blast radius” of damage should there be a problem.
  • Stop suspicious sign-ins before they happen – Thanks to CoreView’s security monitoring, Lesaffre was also able to stave off several cybercrime attacks in 2019. They were able to see exactly what led to it through detailed audit logs, forensic data, and root cause analysis.
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