Lesaffre Manages 55 Departments Through Delegated Administration

Lesaffre Manages 55 Departments Through Delegated Administration
  • Region: France
  • 7,200 M365 Users
  • 55 Local IT Departments
  • 55 CoreView Virtual Tenants
  • Moved to Microsoft 365 2018
  • Adopted CoreView Q1 2019
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The world’s largest yeast manufacturer, Lesaffre is a French-based company with more than 10,000 global employees across 50+ subsidiaries, all of whom value autonomy. While migrating to Microsoft 365 in early 2018, however, Lesaffre struggled to maintain this independence and protect their subsidiaries from security risks at the same time. With no support outside of M365’s basic administration features, any IT manager could see and manage any M365 account within the company (including those of C-suite executives). They needed a management partner to help them delegate control, both during and after the migration process – enhancing independence and autonomy while maintaining top-grade security.

Enter CoreView. 

The Challenge

Lesaffre’s subsidiaries wanted IT autonomy, but with that autonomy came a lack of security and protection, which concerned the company’s central IT team. As the company migrated to Microsoft 365, it became clear that it needed a solution to help delegate access and control of the platform on a more individualized, prescriptive basis.

The Solution

CoreView was able to beef up the company’s security (even protecting them from future cybercrime attacks!) while still offering a tailored, delegated approach to IT control – ensuring Lesaffre’s subsidiaries were able to do exactly what they needed to do. 

  • Virtual Tenants and Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) Support Subsidiaries’ IT Efforts – Utilizing CoreView’s platform, Lesaffre was able to create unique virtual tenants for each subsidiary’s IT department (be it internally or externally run). With RBAC, the company was also able to ensure that each IT department and manager had exactly the scope they were meant to have (e.g. all IT managers no longer had access to C-suite executives’ accounts). 
  • Detection and Alerts Enhance Security, Prevent Cybercrime – Thanks to CoreView’s security alert system, Lesaffre was also able to stave off a number of cybercrime attacks in 2019 – something they might not have been able to prevent with M365’s admin features alone. 
  • Delegation Across Entities Drove Savings – Lesaffre’s CTO estimates that, with CoreView’s support (and the capacity to spread workloads across entities), the company saved nearly two full time roles’ worth of work and energy at the group level. A testament to the power of onboarding a partner in the midst of a migration, rather than waiting until problems (and costs) rise to seek solutions. 

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