CoreView is the #1 Microsoft 365 management platform for IT teams who are transforming the way they run their Microsoft 365 stack. CoreSuite Pro is a package designed to address the three most common Microsoft 365 management challenges IT teams have to tackle in small and midsize organizations.

Delegated administration

Many times, a central IT team needs to support and fulfill requests from every Microsoft 365 user. Not only does this lead to delays in fulfilling requests for new licenses, user management or other changes but it can also result in inaccuracies and bottlenecks. CoreView makes delegated administration easy while giving management teams full oversight of a Microsoft environment. The autonomy CoreView provides reduces political conflicts and improves resolution times.

Automated governance

Governance refers to the set of practices and processes by which Microsoft 365 is led and controlled. It is far from a “one and done” situation: continuous monitoring and necessary adaptations to Microsoft 365 governance guidelines should take place. CoreView helps improve Microsoft 365 management by providing automated monitoring and response capabilities that are not available in the native administration tools.

License management

Adopting a proactive approach to license management is arguably the key difference between accumulating unnecessary expenses and minimizing financial waste. License management is a significant contributor to overall fiscal health. CoreView helps organizations control spend with functionality spanning the license lifecycle, including:

  • License allocation and usage across all types of licenses, including inactive, unused, duplicate and disabled ones, as well as specify the license levels (E1, E3, E5, etc.)
  • Identifying opportunities for overprovisioned license downsizing and true-up negotiations
  • Creating license pools for assignment by specific teams, units, regions
  • Helping procurement and accounting team with chargebacks and show backs

With CoreSuite Pro, IT teams can control Microsoft 365 costs, optimize administration, resolve security and compliance issues, and empower their modern workforce.

What’s included in CoreSuite

Pro Microsoft 365 is core to your business. CoreView helps your team eliminate cycles trying to enforce policies across dozens of different apps, reduce hours on repetitive tasks and improve visibility across your Microsoft 365 environment.

Includes these capabilities and services:

  • Delegated administration: Use CoreView Virtual Tenants™ to divide and organize your tenant by business unit, campus, agency, team, department or region. Then delegated admins can work on appropriate tasks without making a trade-off on security or increasing workloads for central IT.
  • Automated governance: Run a CoreView health check anytime to get a comprehensive deep scan, analysis and assessment of your entire Microsoft 365 environment. Then apply pre-packaged Playbooks to take action on findings. Make Microsoft 365 governance arepeatable process.
  • License management Get unparalleled visibility into your Microsoft 365 tenant environments with out-of-the-box reporting to identify unused, unassigned, and over-assigned licenses. Use License Pools to simplify chargebacks and automate future license assignments.


The Bronze CoreSuccess Package:

  • Five hours of remote consulting (used for training, implementation)
  • Unlimited access to CoreView community events (e.g., Customer Deep Dive webinars)
  • Access to CoreView University
  • 24-hour SLA (for basic ticket response, higher based on severity)

Other services and support options available for an additional cost. These add-ons are only available in the CoreSuite Enterprise offering:

  • Hybrid connector
  • Teams Phone connector
  • Data connector

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