CoreView is bringing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Microsoft 365 management

As Microsoft’s announcements about Copilot and AI hit the news cycle, customers and prospects began reaching out to CoreView to ask how this impacted their Microsoft 365 management tools. 

Many customers are excited to start using AI in every way possible and CoreView’s development team is already hard at work figuring out how to incorporate its power. For those who are more cautious, we will ensure that your data privacy and security aren’t impacted.

Thanks to our strong partnership with Microsoft, CoreView R&D was able to preview GPT-4 models, allowing the team to build models, identify interface points and accelerate the innovation journey. 

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The impact of AI

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As AI bursts onto the scene, for all its wonderful capabilities, it will bring with it even more complexity, as well as heightened needs for security and privacy controls. 
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As artificial intelligence gets involved in more and more aspects of Microsoft 365, it becomes even more critical to ensure that you have good governance practices in place and are managing the lifecycles of things like Teams and Groups so that old or private data isn’t being uncovered. 
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CoreView exists to help IT teams harness the power of Microsoft 365, getting their complex environments with many apps, services, and admin panels under control. 
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We believe that the current trends in AI will only exacerbate these issues, and make it even more critical for IT teams to find new ways to automate their governance programs to keep everything under control. 

How the CoreView AI Assistant helps improve Custom Actions 

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At CoreView, we’re big believers in automating repetitive tasks in a scalable, secure way with our powerful workflow engine – far beyond what can be achieved with PowerShell. 

However, CoreSuite also supports the ability to create Custom Actions – essentially embedded PowerShell scripts, but wrapped in CoreView’s tenant segmentation, permissions, and security features to ensure that Custom Actions can only be run by certain team members and is trackable.

But PowerShell is ever-changing, with cmdlets being deprecated and Microsoft releasing updates, making it hard to stay on top of best practices. Now, CoreView is introducing an AI-assisted chatbot directly within CoreSuite to help users craft the best possible Custom Actions with PowerShell, making recommendations and minimizing errors.

Need to create a Custom Action that automatically pulls certain data into a report, but aren’t sure which cmdlet would be best to use? CoreView AI Assistant can help! 

CoreView AI assistant message
CoreView AI assistant message

CoreView AI Assistant can also help ensure your scripts meet our quality and security guidelines, so you can get up and running faster. Instead of relying on sources like StackOverflow for crafting scripts, you can now get help right inside CoreView.

The AI Assistant does not have access to any of your data; we’re just making it easier to access assistance in creating the right scripts. 

How the CoreView AI Assistant helps improve Custom Actions 

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We’re privileged to help some of the world’s most critical industries, from healthcare and government agencies to education, manage their Microsoft 365 environments. We know how critical it is for our customers to maintain control over who and what accesses their data. 

We’re rolling out AI-powered features and will continue to innovate to better serve our customers. But we refuse to compromise on security. 

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The AI Assistant we’re rolling out does not have access to any Microsoft 365 data. Think of it as bringing a more targeted, personalized version of Bing into CoreSuite to help you with Custom Actions.

It pulls together recommendations from public data sources as well as CoreView-specific sources such as our Knowledge Base to give you better recommendations; but it cannot see into any customer tenant or even access your existing Custom Actions.