Microsoft 365 Management for the Public Sector

Centralize, simplify, and delegate your Office 365 management.

Find Out Why 1/3rd of US States Use CoreView to Get Microsoft 365 Under Control

CoreView empowers governments and public agencies to get the full value from your Microsoft investment, gain full oversight of your environment, all while moving at full speed - providing you with the keys to keep your tenant under control

How We Help the Public Sector

Eliminating IT Bottlenecks

CoreView’s single administration interface for M365 helps you streamline IT tasks so you can get more done.

Workflow automations can speed up tasks like employee onboarding/offboarding, compliance checks, periodic reporting, and more.

Allowing the completion of tasks in a faster and more secure way.
Still have some components on-premises? Our Hybrid Connector lets you unify Microsoft administration, rather than managing M365 and on-prem separately.
Offboarding CoreView workflow
User CoreView Dashboard

Allowing Your Team to Go at Full Speed

Purchasing Office 365 licenses through a single, centralized tenant can result in greater efficiency and optimization.

However, it comes with challenges in administration, meaning Central IT must handle support requests and licensing issues across a variety of departments or agencies.

CoreView’s Virtual Tenants allow you to segment and isolate agencies or other groups within a single M365 tenant, so you can:
  • Allow agency-specific IT staff to manage their own agency with autonomy while still giving Central IT oversight on billing and chargebacks as well as security and compliance.
  • Limit access to necessary information only. For example, should the IT person at the Department of Health be able to read the Governor’s emails?
  • Easily adjust to specific agencies’ needs while maintaining the benefits of a single, global tenant.

Providing Full Oversight into Security Risks

CoreView makes it simple to actively identify security concerns in real-time and automate your response to ensure sensitive data is unharmed, while still enabling distributed workforces to solve real-world problems through secure collaboration.

48% of attacks
targeting Microsoft are directed towards governments, far higher than any other sector. CoreView can quickly detect and remediate security gaps such as:
  • Users without MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) enabled
  • Email addresses forwarding to external addresses
  • Shared mailboxes with too many owners
CoreView can help IT admins track down exactly what happened, when, and who was affected allowing quick action from government entities.
Security dashboard
Savings opportunities dashboard

Gaining Full Value of E5 Licenses

With many states, large counties, and agencies spending tens of millions on Office 365, there is plenty of opportunity for licenses to go unused or underutilized.

Get Office 365 license management under control with the right tools by identifying exactly:
  • How many licenses are needed
  • How many are currently being used
  • How many have been purchased (but are still sitting on the shelf)
  • Which department or agency is ultimately paying for them

Procuring CoreView in the Public Sector

There are many options for purchasing CoreView, including:
  • Purchase via the Azure Marketplace
  • Indirect Purchase through a CoreView Partner: Customers can purchase CoreView through a variety of different purchasing options. Below are some of the available Contract Vehicles; if you are looking for another Contract Vehicle not currently listed please contact us or reach out to your Account Executive.

Contract Vehicles CoreView Works With

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