Microsoft 365 management for the public sector

Federal, state, and local governments choose CoreView to manage their complex Microsoft 365 environments. With CoreView, IT teams can command Microsoft 365 operations across on-premises and cloud environments, optimize tasks to streamline workflows, refine governance strategies and empower every stakeholder without compromising security.

Why the largest state, local, and federal governments use CoreView to solve their toughest Microsoft 365 challenges

CoreView empowers agency IT teams to simplify management and improve governance across the most complex Microsoft 365 environments. Provide the right permissions across admins and other stakeholders to increase autonomy while reducing risk. Slice up tenants to address sophisticated agency access requirements. Quickly detect and resolve misconfigurations, policy violations, and security gaps. Automate tasks to reduce human effort and error.
Hear five tips from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in this fireside chat on building the business case for modern Microsoft 365 management.
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How CoreView helps agency IT teams

Accelerate modernization and be in command of your Microsoft 365

Purchasing Microsoft 365 licenses through a single, centralized tenant can result in greater efficiency and simplify procurement. However, it introduces administration challenges that can add complexity and slow modernization efforts.

Agencies can easily use CoreView’s single, simple interface which doesn’t require advanced Microsoft 365 expertise. Powerful analytics combine data across multiple workloads (including some on-premise) and can segment and isolate reporting for agencies, departments, or groups within a single Microsoft 365 tenant. With CoreView’s action-enabled dashboards and reporting you can:
  • Automate report generation – saving valuable time
  • Fix issues from the report they were found in for quicker remediation
  • Easily examine and tightly control license pools – reducing unused or underused licenses
  • Restrict visibility only to those who need a report
  • Accelerate modernization by tracking adoption and identifying underutilized features for training opportunities
This lightens the IT workload and frees up time for more complex tasks.
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Offboarding CoreView workflowUser CoreView Dashboard

Optimize workflows and licensing at mission speed

Get more done and streamline IT tasks with CoreView’s single pane of glass administration interface for Microsoft 365.

Our customizable workflow automation and ServiceNow ITSM integration can speed up tasks such as:
  • Employee and contractor onboarding/offboarding
  • Teams group creation and management
  • Compliance checks
  • Required and ad-hoc reporting
  • Password changes and policy enforcement
CoreView makes completing Microsoft 365 tasks faster and more secure making the most of limited resources. This frees up IT staff time for more complex tasks and projects.

Undergoing a digital transformation and making the move to the cloud? CoreView brings together siloed data from your tenant, streamlines workflows and lets you set up Virtual Tenants and segregate duties to speed moving while maintaining security.

Still have some components on-premises? The CoreView Hybrid Connector lets you unify administration across on-premises and cloud architectures, rather than managing them separately.
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Resolve governance issues automatically reducing agency security risks

Government agencies face constant cyber threats. CoreView simplifies real-time threat detection and automates responses, while enabling secure collaboration with your distributed workforce. This keeps government running smoothly for employees and constituents.

Whether you have adopted Zero Trust, the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, the Center for Internet Security (CIS) Framework, or agency-specific security policies, CoreView gives you the power to manage, enable, audit, and report on the necessary standards and controls – with existing IT staff.

Refine governance strategies, mitigate risk and quickly detect and remediate cybersecurity gaps such as:
  • Users or Admins without Multi-FactorAuthentication (MFA) enabled
  • Email addresses forwarding to external addresses
  • Shared mailboxes with too many owners
  • Public Teams sprawl and accidental sharing
  • Inactive users and guest users
CoreView helps ensure compliance, giving IT admins the ability to track down exactly what happened, when, and who was affected and take quick action.
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Empower your IT team and workforce for sensible autonomy

Often, agency stakeholders must go through a centralized IT function to get their work done. CoreView makes it easy with Virtual Tenants, Perfect Permissions, and Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) to give the right level of access to anyone in the agency who needs it.

A great example: license management. Today, Finance and Procurement teams rely on IT to help them understand license utilization, who to charge back for what, and how to predict future needs. With CoreView, those stakeholders have access to data-driven insights, making managing licenses and budget planning easy.  

CoreView helps IT teams give the right level of access to anyone in the agency who needs it while maintaining control and compliance. For example:
  • Employees across an agency who need to address issues for a specific department or location
  • Finance and Procurement teams who need to understand costs associated with Microsoft 365
  • Information security teams that review compliance and governance
  • Telephony teams who need to manage Teams Phone
  • Systems integrators and contractors who require project access
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