Microsoft 365 Management for Hybrid Environments

CoreView helps you get it all under control, giving you a single management platform to complete any admin task whether in the cloud or on-premise. No more hopping from admin panel to admin panel just to complete a simple task.

Managing a Hybrid Environment with CoreView

Full Value

Get more out of Microsoft 365 by optimizing licenses, driving adoption, and keeping everything under control.

Full Oversight

Identify and manage security and compliance gaps with visibility into everything from breach attempts to policy violations.

Full Speed

Turn hours of work into just a few clicks with automation that does the heavy lifting on manual, repetitive tasks.

Automate User Management Across the Cloud and On-prem

What if it didn't matter at all where a user needed to be created or setup?  With CoreView, you can manage all users and groups in a single place, so you can stop worrying about which admin panel to log into and focus on more strategic tasks.

CoreView simplifies your day-to-day management, reducing complex tasks from many steps to a simple automation:
  • User provisioning or onboarding
  • De-provisioning or offboarding
  • Password resets
  • Unlocking accounts
  • Group membership management
  • Many others
It's like an easy button for Microsoft 365 management, reducing help desk escalations and simplifying administration.
Microsoft 365 Azure vs. CoreViewHybrid screenshot

Eliminate the Need to Log Into Multiple Admin Centers to Manage Users

Are you still logging into several admin panels to complete a fairly simple task?  It's never simple in a hybrid environment.

What if you could eliminate the need to log into multiple admin centers to manage your users? Stop waiting for a slow sync process to run to complete a task?

With CoreView management actions and workflows, you can kick off complex tasks with a few simple clicks - or automate them entirely, freeing up IT time to focus on more strategic projects.

Dramatically Reduce the Burden of Hybrid Microsoft 365 Management

Our customers report saving between 30-40% of admin time with CoreView. We reduce the admin burden of Microsoft 365 by:
  • Reducing complex tasks to a couple of clicks, or automate them entirely, with workflows;
  • Allowing IT teams to delegate administration with Virtual Tenants so local business units can manage their own admin instead of submitting requests (without compromising security);
  • Continually monitoring your environment to ensure full visibility;
  • Automating license management to ensure you're getting the most value from Microsoft 365;
  • And doing it all across your entire environment so you're always in control, whether in the cloud or on-prem.
Management Wizard screenshot

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