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Prevent deadly misconfigurations, find and fix key collaboration and identity risks, and minimize privilege exposure.
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Close the door on the biggest threats facing your M365 & Entra ID environments

M365 customers house 58% of their sensitive cloud data in the platform, making it a priority target for any cybercriminal. However, delivering best-practice security across the vast array of workloads and admin interfaces in M365 can be overwhelming for busy security teams.

CoreView Governance center dashboard

That’s why we have created CoreView and Simeon Cloud

End-to-end M365 security automation, developed by M365 experts for M365 experts.

Our customers don’t just get visibility and data. They get M365 security tools for automation and delegation that make remediation effortless.

“CoreView’s audit capabilities made the incident response process effortless. In minutes we were able to rapidly zero in on critical data that would normally take weeks to uncover.”
– A global company based in Canada
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CoreView and Simeon Cloud security capabilities

Prevent deadly misconfigurations

Automate tenant configuration, detect configuration drift, and easily roll back.

Gartner reports that 99% of cloud data breaches are the result of human misconfigurations. For M365 customers trying to deploy their Entra ID tenant, the possibility of misconfiguring a critical policy or setting looms large. With over 2000 manual configurations for each tenant, the odds are against you.

With Simeon Cloud, automate your tenant configuration to not only save time but also prevent errors and ensure your test environments truly replicate the configurations found in your production environment.

Simeon Cloud Reconcile dashboard
CoreView Governance center

Find and fix key collaboration and identity risks

Detect and auto-remediate your biggest security risks in Teams, SharePoint, Exchange and other workloads.

Data shows that 94% of organizations face attacks on their collaboration tools like Teams and SharePoint. With so much sensitive data stored in documents and shared throughout these environments, organizations need to be able to identify their biggest risks and remediate them quickly.

Our M365 security tools make remediation effortless for you. CoreView comes with out-of-the-box policies so you can turn the tide on your biggest collaboration risks and enforce zero-trust for M365 on day one.

Minimize privilege exposure

Enable least privilege delegation and stop global admin proliferation.

Research shows that 80% of data breaches leverage privileged accounts. Despite this, M365 organizations struggle to enforce least privilege and 36% of admins use Global Admin rights.

The truth is that giving admins “just enough” access in M365 is at best too complex and, at worst, completely impractical.

CoreView includes enterprise-grade M365 delegation tools. With our Virtual Tenant tool, you can easily delegate least privilege access to admins in just a few clicks, keeping you productive and secure.

CoreView total administrators
CoreView audit activies

Unified M365 audit and incident response

Effortlessly navigate and cross-reference all your M365 audit data in a single interface.

When an incident takes place, you need to be able to turn data into decisions fast. With so many data silos and APIs, making sense of what users have been doing in M365 is a painfully slow process—until now.

CoreView pulls on over 100 APIs and 18 admin interfaces to give you a single unified audit of your environment, allowing you to zero in on users/objects and rapidly see what has been happening.

Detect high-risk external and anonymous users

Easily secure and control guest users with full lifecycle management and oversight.

With so much firefighting and day-to-day administration, maintaining oversight and control of external users in your tenant can be overwhelming.

CoreView doesn’t just deliver out-of-the-box M365 governance reports to show you where high-risk external users are operating but also comes with pre-configured workflows to make remediation as easy as a click.

CoreView inactive guest users
CoreView Governance center dashboard

Automate best practice identity governance

Automate user management and prevent dangerous misconfigurations.

Manually managing joiners, movers, and leavers in M365 isn’t just a time-intensive task. It also leads to dangerous misconfigurations, excessive permissions, and security gaps that you shouldn’t have to accept.

With CoreView, you don’t have to. Our powerful identity governance tools make it easy to automate user on-boarding, off-boarding, and day-to-day management, so you can have absolute confidence that you’re following best-practice security.

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End-to-end M365 security automation, created by M365 experts for M365 experts.