Advanced Management for Microsoft Teams Voice

Segment and delegate the administration of Teams Telephony with call queues and advanced reporting.

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Uplevel Your Microsoft Teams Voice Management

Access Call Activity Reporting

Easily slice and dice call data across departments or the entire company—without having to dig through the Microsoft Teams admin center, your CRM or a separate call monitoring solution.

The Microsoft Teams Voice Connector allows you to:
  • Gain visibility into how Teams Voice is used across the organization with actionable metrics to improve call quality in a single dashboard.
  • Track and accelerate Voice adoption by department or across the entire organization.
  • Drive collaboration in Teams with reports that show Voice call duration, the number of attendees, and who is using video to drive better collaboration.
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Decentralize Telephony Administration

CoreView’s Virtual Tenants allows you to create and segment your tenant to fit your business needs.

Microsoft Teams Voice Connector brings the power of Virtual Tenants to Teams Telephony - allowing business units to manage and customize phone number and auto-attendant management and creation.
  • Relieve the burden on central IT by reducing time spent administering call plans by delegating management to your business units.
  • Manage and customize auto-attendants by location or division. Need to set a group away message for a regional holiday? No problem. Each business unit can create and adapt auto-attendant messaging to meet their needs.

Identify Call Quality Issues

Telephony is business critical – from sales reps’ phone calls with prospects to your CEO’s meetings with the Board. But you can’t correct what you can’t see.

The Teams Voice Connector gives you:
  • Visibility into the quality of audio and video calls
  • Metrics for Teams calls and Teams users
Whether you need to identify an individual’s technology issues or a company-wide communication problem, using CoreView gives you the insight you need when you need it.
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