CoreSuite Hybrid Connector

The CoreSuite Hybrid Connector is a unique, architecture-agnostic offering that eliminates the complexity of hybrid Microsoft 365 models by creating a single management layer that abstracts data and multiple “sources of truth” (Active Directory, Entra ID and Exchange Server) into an easy-to-use management interface.

The complexity of managing hybrid environments

Enterprises using on-premises infrastructure are often leveraging the concept of multiple forests and domains to isolate boundaries and categorize resources between various business units. With Microsoft 365 in the mix, this is even more challenging.

They must choose to either point multiple forests to one Microsoft 365 tenant and risk giving admins the “keys to the kingdom” or create a 1:1 ratio of Active Directory forests and tenants. This creates a staggering level of complexity for administrators.

How the CoreSuite Hybrid Connector works

Within this single organization, enterprises have full flexibility in how they would want to segment visibility and segregate duties for the operators so that they have “just enough access” to perform necessary actions or execute approved workflows, but nothing more. Most importantly, the CoreSuite Hybrid Connector lets IT teams automate related processes, including:

Refresh icon

Instantly synchronize user provisioning

Password icon

Reset on-premises user passwords

Membership icon

Manage on-premises group memberships

Unlock icon

Unlock both on-premises and synced users

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Deprovision disabled users

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Create and modify on-premises users/mailboxes

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Enable remote and migrating mailboxes

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Manage any on-premises user property

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Enrich reporting with
on-premises information

The CoreSuite Hybrid Connector addresses major administrative challenges

Number 1
Native Active Directory capabilities don’t offer sufficient delegation capabilities, so multiple admins are required for any task in a hybrid environment.
Number 2
Certain management activities can only be done with advanced PowerShell scripts since the Global User Interface is lacking
Number 3
Existing Identity and Access Management (IAM) tools cannot help with reporting and management beyond the identity aspect

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