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CoreView empowers colleges and universities to provide the best Microsoft 365 user experience for faculty, staff, and students across departments and campuses alike in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

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How we help higher education

Segment tenants and delegate administration as needed

Every education institution operates differently, yet the native Microsoft 365 capabilities can't support each unique environment, particularly with multiple schools, locations, and departments operating within a single Microsoft tenant.

The challenge in offering the best possible user experience for a distributed userbase is that it makes managing M365 inherently complex, as user management, compliance auditing, and licensing must be managed by a central IT department.

However, with CoreView’s Virtual Tenants, your central IT staff can delegate tasks confidently with CoreView’s perfect permissions – an industry-leading solution to the problem of providing highly granular M365 access to distributed IT teams, so they can more effectively share in the overall IT workload without having been granted full administrative permissions to the system.
Perfect permissions increase speed and reduce risk

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CoreView supports higher education institutions with cost-control, visibility and governance across Microsoft 365 storage repositories.
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How we help higher education

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Automated workflows eliminate manual tasks

IT staff in higher education settings contend with a massive influx and outflow of users each academic year, and these massive changes in the number of active users generally come all at once. To manage these large-scale shifts in the userbase effectively, IT teams need powerful, and intuitive workflows that streamline the process of onboarding and offboarding users.

With CoreView’s single, unified, cloud-hosted user interface, IT teams can manage all aspects of Microsoft 365 from a single location, with powerful automation tooling built-in, so they can work much more efficiently and with the confidence that things are being done right.

License management to control costs

With such major swings in active users each academic year, higher ed institutions face a unique licensing challenge – ensuring that a sufficient pool of licenses is available to accommodate incoming users and ensuring that former users’ licenses are not still active.

CoreView makes license management simple with tools specifically designed to both identify how many licenses are needed, how many are available, and how many are currently assigned, but are not actively being used, and to move them from pool to pool as needed.
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