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College, university and school IT teams choose CoreView to manage their complex Microsoft 365 environments and provide the best experiences for students, faculty, staff, and alumni. With CoreView, IT teams can command Microsoft 365 operations, optimize tasks to streamline workflows, refine governance strategies to resolve security and compliance issues, and empower their IT teams and workforce.

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Every institution operates differently. CoreView empowers education IT teams to simplify Microsoft 365 management and improve governance. Quickly detect and resolve misconfigurations, policy violations, and security gaps. Automate tasks to reduce human effort and error. Slice up tenants to address complex institutional access requirements. Provide the right permissions across admins and constituents to increase autonomy while reducing risk.

How CoreView helps education IT teams

Accelerate digital transformation and be in command of your Microsoft 365

Digital transformation, hybrid, and online learning have dramatically changed how colleges and universities operate. Budgets and IT staff have not grown and student expectations continue to rise whether an institution is private, public, a community college, in-person, hybrid, or online.  With CoreView’s powerful analytics and single, simple interface central IT staff can lighten their workload, securely manage Microsoft 365, and speed digital transformation and IT modernization by:
  • Automating report generation while enhancing security with role-based access restricted to who needs it
  • Remediating issues faster – fix issues from the report they were found in
  • Easily examine and tightly control license pools – reducing unused or underused licenses for students, faculty, staff, and alumni
  • Tracking adoption and identifying underutilized features for training opportunities
  • Gaining visibility needed to update storage policies, and identify inactive users, groups, and sites to save on storage consumption costs
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Optimize workflows and constituent license management

At the start and end of each academic year and semester, massive changes for students, staff, and faculty happen all at once. To efficiently and securely manage these large-scale user shifts, IT teams need powerful, intuitive workflows that help automate and streamline onboarding and offboarding users.

With CoreView’s unified, cloud-hosted user interface, IT teams can manage all aspects of Microsoft 365 from a single location. Powerful workflow automation and ITSM integration speed up common tasks supporting on-site, remote, and hybrid learning including:
  • Onboarding, offboarding, and transfers for students, faculty, staff, and alumni
  • Microsoft Teams group creation, management, and reporting
  • Required and ad-hoc reporting and compliance checks for the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), GDPR, and other regulations
  • Password management and adding users to groups
Do you have some components on-premises? The CoreView Hybrid Connector lets you unify administration across on-premises and cloud architectures, rather than managing them separately
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Resolve governance issues automatically reducing institutional security risks

Institutions can't afford disruptions to the student experience from constant cybersecurity threats. CoreView simplifies real-time security threat identification and automates responses to ensure sensitive data is unharmed, without requiring additional IT staff.

Whether following a Zero Trust approach, the Center for Internet Security (CIS) Framework, the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, or institution or department-specific policies, CoreView gives you full oversight and the ability to manage, enable, audit, and report on the controls. With CoreView refine governance strategies and quickly detect and remediate cybersecurity gaps such as:
  • Users or Admins without Multi-FactorAuthentication (MFA) enabled
  • Out-of-policy devices accessing Microsoft 365 to enforce mobile device management and bring your own device policies
  • Public Teams sprawl and accidental sharing
  • Inactive and guest users
  • Licenses not reclaimed from alumni
  • Orphaned Teams, SharePoint or OneDrive sites
CoreView helps mitigate risk, ensure compliance, and gives IT admins the ability to track down exactly what happened, when, and who was affected and to take quick action.
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Empower your IT team and constituents for sensible autonomy

Higher education institutions face unique challenges. With major swings in active users each academic year, alumni needs, and faculty and staff changes license management is critical to contain costs and meet constituent needs. CoreView’s robust reporting gives stakeholders data-driven insights and makes Microsoft 365 management simple and secure. With CoreView you can:
  • Ensure a sufficient pool of licenses is available to accommodate incoming students, faculty, and staff, and delegate utilization monitoring
  • Help Finance and Procurement teams better understand license and storage utilization, track which institution, campus, or department to charge back for what, and to predict future needs
  • Give role-based access to address issues for a specific department or campusWith CoreView’s Virtual Tenants and Perfect Permissions, central IT staff can securely delegate tasks with highly granular Microsoft 365 access for IT teams distributed across an institution, even in remote locations.
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