Optimize and Manage Microsoft 365 for Increased Compliance

2020 changed everything in healthcare, including how Microsoft 365 is used, managed, and secured. Now remote medicine via Teams saves lives – and time. And it's even more critical to know exactly what data lives where, and how secure your environment is.
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DLP Vital to Compliance
Unsafe data sharing is a huge HIPAA no-no. CoreView auditing shows everything an employee does with data. Set policies to track these actions, and automate them with workflows.
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Virtual Tenants

Keep Groups Isolated IT-Wise for Safety
Health Care companies are often fragmented and require security and IT independence. Virtual Tenants and RBAC do the trick.
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Mixed Workforce

Manage Part-Time and Guest Workers
Onboard and manage part-timers, and handle employee churn. Built-in workflow templates automate common tasks, guaranteeing proper configuration and error-free provisioning.
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Support Microsoft Teams-Based Care
With COVID-19, more care is done remotely, and even in hospitals, through video for safety. Teams is core to this effort, and CoreView is key to optimizing Teams as this blog shows: KiZAN Helps Hospitals Battle COVID-19.

We Help Healthcare IT Departments...

Create Least-Privileged-Access With Virtual Tenants and
Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC)

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Get What You're Paying For - Manage License Lifecycle and Adoption to Maximize ROI

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Automate Administration So IT Projects Takes Minutes,
Not Hours

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Find, and Automatically Fix, Common Security Gaps

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