Expand Microsoft 365 services, drive more revenue without added resources or risk

CoreView is the only Microsoft 365 management solution tailored to Managed Service Providers.

The CoreView MSP program

CoreView is the #1 Microsoft 365 management platform that gives MSPs critical tools to help deliver exceptional Microsoft 365 services to their customers. 

Your customers need your help getting the most value from their Microsoft 365 technology stack and investments. They also expect you to help keep up with Microsoft’s pace of change.

CoreView makes it easier for you increase adoption and usage, improve governance, manage licenses and respond to the needs of the business faster. In fact, when you take the burden of managing Microsoft 365 off their hands, customers can embrace innovation faster. As they adopt more Microsoft 365 technology, they need more of your services to help them scale.

The CoreView MSP program is designed to help you expand your market reach, increase profitability and gain competitive differentiation without sacrificing quality or requiring more resources. 
CoreView MSP program

The complete Microsoft 365 visibility and management platform for MSPs

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CoreView MSP platform capabilities

Single pane of glass – the partner portal provides complete management of your clients and CoreView solutions, with visibility and reporting across all tenant environments

Do more with less with automated workflows and Playbooks™ – save on time and resources, by automating and taking action on lengthy tasks, such as onboarding and offboarding activities, optimizing your M365 licensing posture, and help with regulatory compliance requirements

Governance Health Check™ and executive reporting – with the CoreView HealthCheck dashboard, you can provide valuable insights to your prospects across their Microsoft 365 environment, adding a powerful competitive differentiator during pre-sales and ongoing customer ROI to your arsenal

Flexible multi-tenant portfolio – products built with MSP’s in mind, select from our bundled solutions or specific product to fit your strategic servicing needs

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CoreView MSP program benefits

Flexible monthly subscription invoicing – pay-as-you-go models allow you to easily grow as your business scales

MSP pricing and incentives – tiered discount pricing with exceptional margins, lets you offer competitive pricing, accelerate, and grow your revenue, while optimizing operational efficiency

MSP-focused onboarding – we are here for you. Get your team up to speed quickly and gain expertise, by leveraging our platform experts when you are ready to implement CoreView solutions

Tier 2 customer support – MSPs gain access to our level 2 support, we’ve got your back when you need it

Sales and marketing support – you will get toolkits and resources to reach prospects and customers faster

Why add CoreSuite to your service offerings?

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Build new services to expand your addressable market

Create a set of offerings around CoreSuite to engage with a new set of prospects and provide a big competitive differentiator.

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Extend Microsoft 365 offering for current customers

Offer CoreSuite capabilities with existing Microsoft 365 services for additional revenue from existing customers without adding more work or resources.

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Boost your bottom line without increasing workloads

Reduce operational costs, expand your service offerings and increase margins... all with one solution. With CoreView, you also get more service efficiency and capacity from your existing team!

Become a CoreView MSP partner

It goes beyond just buying CoreView. Here’s how we help your business:


We provide all MSPs with sales and technical training and tools and work with them to be CoreView-ready when it comes to how we fit into their services portfolio.
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We provide onboarding and ongoing technical support to make every step of integrating our tools into MSP environments easy. We also offer Level 2 support to every MSP.


We offer customizable co-branded marketing and sales toolkits, assets and content, including packaged emails and content syndication to drive demand.
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Promotions and incentives

CoreView offers programs to help promote services to new prospects and existing customers. For approved campaigns, we also offer activity reimbursement funds.

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CoreView just makes sense

Why MSPs love us
Why Microsoft loves us
CoreView is the #1 Microsoft 365 management platform, with capabilities that boost the value of any Microsoft 365 management service
Our joint customers get greater value from their Microsoft 365 investments and can innovate at the pace of business
Our platform is purpose-built to help you automate Microsoft 365 governance, tenant administration, configuration, license management
Customers can adopt Microsoft innovation faster with the CoreView management foundation to build upon
Our capabilities are secure and scale to hundreds of tenants, millions of users 
Microsoft knows their customers need help managing complex hybrid environments
We provide rapid value to you, making it easier for you to demonstrate ROI to your customers
Customers get unparalleled visibility across Microsoft 365 environments, reducing concerns around security and governance 
Customers get unparalleled visibility across Microsoft 365 environments, reducing concerns around security and governance 
We help their customers get more tenant and admin flexibility than they can get natively

CoreView…because Microsoft 365 is at the CORE of your business

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