What if two of your largest enterprise solutions, ServiceNow and Microsoft 365, could communicate to complete tasks and avoid duplicate entry?

For enterprises with ServiceNow and Microsoft 365, integration with CoreView’s CoreSuite allows you to speed up your resolution times and track everything in one place.

ServiceNow operators can now execute tasks within ServiceNow that resolve issues in Microsoft 365 - or, alternatively, CoreView users can create ServiceNow tickets straight from CoreView.

If you are looking to improve the efficiency of your IT team between ServiceNow and Microsoft 365, look no further than CoreSuite.

Integrating ServiceNow with CoreView helps you:

  • Save time – reduce response times with automated resolution from ServiceNow. Enable self-service resolution by submitting a ServiceNow ticket that triggers a workflow in CoreView. Ticket status is automatically updated as action is performed by CoreView.
  • Increase efficiency – reduce the administrative burden onIT with improved self-service options and use automated workflows to record activity for consolidated tracking and follow-up.
  • Mitigate risk – give help desk users the ability to trigger actions in M365 without direct access to your entire tenant. Or use CoreView’s reporting capabilities to trigger ServiceNow tickets if something needs attention.

Because of its unparalleled scope within the organization, M365 is one of the most common points of attack for hackers. The integration gives you the ability to empower your help desk to perform necessary tasks without having to grant them administrative roles within M365 itself, minimizing your risk.

They can perform routine M365 administrative tasks without leaving ServiceNow further increasing your organization’s efficiency and time to resolution.

Improve Governance and Security Monitoring with CoreView & ServiceNow CoreView reporting and workflows can be used together to enable proactive monitoring of yourMicrosoft 365 tenant with the ability to create incidents in ServiceNow.

For more advanced troubleshooting scenarios, help desk users can be granted more granular least privilege access controls to research and resolve problems with the associated tickets being resolved automatically.

Integration of the two systems can be used in a myriad of ways, including:

  • Notice a user having consistent call quality issues in Teams? Create a workflow that opens a ticket in ServiceNow with the user’s details so they can be contacted and work out any network issues they may be having.
  • Creating a new user in CoreSuite? Have the workflow open a ticket and input all the details for the user so it can be tracked within ServiceNow.
  • Want to create new user in Microsoft 365 from ServiceNow? Include an action on the ServiceNow ticket that starts a CoreSuite workflow to provision the user, then have the workflow update and resolve the ticket once it completes successfully (all without leaving the ServiceNow interface).
  • Have a checklist of tasks that need to be completed in Microsoft 365 for ServiceNow requests? Create a workflow for those tasks in CoreSuite and add that workflow as an action on those types of requests - without needing to grant the ServiceNow user admin access to Microsoft 365 or CoreSuite.
  • Need to allow efficient self-service for end-users around common tasks such as creating a shared mailbox or granting membership of a group? Allow them to submit a request in ServiceNow that gets executed in CoreSuite.

Improve Governance and Security Monitoring with CoreView & ServiceNow

CoreView reporting and workflows can be used together to enable proactive monitoring of your Microsoft365 tenant with the ability to create incidents in ServiceNow.

Examples include creating a ServiceNow ticket right from CoreView for follow-up if:

  • Suspicious activity is detected that needs to be investigated
  • A guest account has not been used for 90 days and could be removed
  • Permissions on theCEO’s mailbox have been changed

The possibilities are endless. Schedule your demo of how this integration can help in your organization.

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