Why partner with us?

CoreView is 100% committed to selling through our partners. We are ready to help your Microsoft 365 customers today.

CoreView is a SaaS vendor and the #1 Microsoft 365 management platform, giving M365 teams a single platform to control Microsoft 365 sprawl, optimize license and tenant management, rapidly detect and resolve incidents and audits, and empower the organization to adopt services at the pace of their business.

Why is CoreView good for your business?

CoreView is the #1 Microsoft 365 management platform. But that’s not all.
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The market opportunity is massive (and growing)

Thousands of organizations build their business around the Microsoft 365 stack, which is growing in complexity every day.

This creates tremendous opportunity for CoreView’s network of MSPs, VARs, integrators and distributors.

CoreView is the essential management layer for any IT team running Microsoft 365, from mid-sized businesses to the largest enterprises and public sector organization.

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CoreView is easy to sell - confidently

We are a trusted Microsoft partner because the CoreView platform works as advertised.

We have short sales cycle and an even shorter time to value. It takes a few minutes to hook up a tenant and get a free health check, without needing a POV to win the deal.

Once we are running in a Microsoft environment, our customers never leave. In fact, as they adopt more of the Microsoft 365 technology, they need more CoreView capabilities to help them scale.

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We are serious about our partners

Our Go To Market organization is 100% dedicated to partner success and mutual business growth.

In addition to a well-run partner enablement program and market development funds to help bring in opportunities, we incentivize our partners through significant margins, deal protection and ongoing SPIFF programs.

We are a Microsoft Top Tier ISV and Co-Sell Ready partner for Teams and Azure.

What we do

CoreView empowers organizations to achieve more with Microsoft 365.
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CoreView is the #1 Microsoft 365 management platform, delivering powerful tenant segmentation, license management, governance, and workflow automation capabilities to organizations of every size.

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IT teams choose CoreView when they want to transform the way they run their Microsoft 365 stack.

CoreView provides a management layer across complex environments that helps everyone (from the global admin to the CIO) manage their Microsoft 365 stack more efficiently.

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With CoreView, organizations can control complexity and costs, optimize administration, resolve security and compliance issues automatically, and empower their IT teams and workforce.

Get started in three easy steps!

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Sign up to get access to the CoreView partner portal – you will find margin information, deal reg process, tools to help you trigger conversations and much more.

Also check your internal portal for more details about CoreView.
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Number 2
Meet your CoreView account team to talk about your customers who are already on Microsoft 365 – we will work on a customized account strategy for each.

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Number 3
Register your opportunities with CoreView as soon as possible to get extra margin and deal protection.

With a 30-day sales cycle and all the help you need from CoreView, every deal reg is money in the bank for you! Just log into the portal to get started!
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Top use cases we solve for our customers

While customers find many ways to leverage CoreView for greater visibility and control, these are the four biggest reasons they choose us.
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Delegated Administration

CoreView Virtual TenantTM consolidates or segments tenants to address complex needs, relieve the burden on central IT teams and empower local admins.
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Automated Governance

CoreView offers unparalleled visibility and automation across Microsoft 365 environments to improve security, enforce policies and streamline lifecycle management.
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License Management

We help customers get license costs under control, ensuring the right license for every employee and helping realize the full value of Microsoft 365.

Ready to get started?

Why introduce CoreView to your customers?

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Provide services that help you stand out from competitors

Smart organizations put Microsoft 365 at the core of their SaaS stack. But it takes a lot of administrative work to keep it running efficiently. By introducing CoreView to your accounts, you give customers value-added services they may not even realize they could have– and you gain a competitive advantage.

Offer your customers a strategic lens on their Microsoft 365 environment  

We have visibility into the Microsoft stack. That means we can provide you with visibility into license opportunities, new projects, help customers find compliance gaps, improve their security posture, identify license waste and optimization opportunities, transform manual processes into automated workflows, accelerate their hybrid journey, and more.
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Help customers get the biggest ROI from Microsoft 365

Let us help you sell the greater value of Microsoft 365. Your customers are thinking about expanding their use of Microsoft Teams for collaboration, AzureDevOps for DevOps, Dynamics365 for SalesOps, and the pace of adoption is dependent on their ability to manage Microsoft services and make them accessible to users as quickly as possible. CoreView provides the management layer to make that easy!

Expand your reach, get more visibility into your customer’s IT initiatives

The CoreView champion is typically the global Microsoft 365 admin, but Microsoft initiatives often involve the CIO, compliance and security teams, SaaS architects, and even the support organization. CoreView provides you with reasons to engage the buying team, creating new opportunities for additional software and services.
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Tools you can use now

Once you become a partner, you will have access to many more tools, training and sales benefits.

What questions should I ask my customers?

Are your on/offboarding processes manual, resulting in incidents, support issues, data integrity gaps?
Does your team spend a lot of time writing PowerShell scripts, manual admin tasks or ticket escalations?
Do you lack the right visibility across the entire Microsoft 365 stack to detect and remediate security gaps?
Are you concerned about license waste – tracking Microsoft 365 adoption versus licenses you are paying for?
Does your organization face a shortage of talented Microsoft 365 administrators or are they tied up on tedious tasks?
Do you have too many admin roles open on Microsoft 365 consoles due to tenant restrictions?
Do you need to optimize the integration between Microsoft 365 service requests and ServiceNow?
Is your organization going through change, due to M&A activity, new leadership, consolidation?
Is your team running hybrid Microsoft 365 – straddling cloud and on-prem environments?
Does your finance team struggle with unused licenses, chargebacks, or preparing for upcoming true-ups or EA renewals?
Do you need to provide more autonomy to your business units or geos, but have limitations due to having only one tenant?
Is it difficult to enforce password policies, privilege escalation and admin access, creating governance concerns?